Contact Update Form

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Pitt Pediatrics utilizes the Contact Update Form to collect CVs, biographies, and other similar details from faculty, physicians, staff, postdocs, fellows, and residents. This information is used as part of the Pitt Pediatrics website online directory, annual reports, and other routine administrative tasks that occur throughout the year.

In response to feedback, the 2021 version of the Contact Update Form will incorporate significant upgrades that improve overall efficiency. Learn more about the changes and required information below or access a quick reference guide.

The new Pitt Pediatrics Contact Update Form will launch in April 2021.  Direct email notifications will be sent to faculty, staff, postdocs, fellows, and residents when the form is available.  Personnel that have an extremely urgent need to update an exisiting website profile prior to the new form launch should email for further assistance.

Pitt Faculty & UPMC or UPP Physicians

Review information that Pitt faculty, UPMC or UPP physicians, and dually-appointed faculty will be asked to submit on the Contact Update Form.

Fellows and Residents

Fellows and residents will be asked to complete the Contact Update Form and provide additional details specific to their positions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Review FAQs about the Contact Update Form process, why the Chair's Office collects certain information, and where it will be published.