Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics 

What is the Contact Update Form?

The Pitt Pediatrics Contact Update Form is a centralized system utilized by the Chair's Office to collect contact information, CVs, photos, and other materials from all Pediatrics faculty, staff, students, postdoctoral assignees, fellows, and residents.

Who must complete the Contact Update Form?

The following personnel must complete the Contact Update Form on at least an annual basis:

  • Pitt faculty with a primary or secondary academic appointment in Pediatrics
  • Pitt staff employed by (or otherwise working in) Pediatrics or Pediatrics Research Administration
  • Pitt undergraduate and graduate students employed by (or otherwise working in) Pediatrics or Pediatrics Research Administration
  • Pitt postdoctoral assignees in Pediatrics
  • UPMC and University of Pittsburgh Physicians (UPP) staff that perform substantial academic or research-related work for Pediatrics and/or have Pitt-related job duties
  • UPMC fellows in a Pediatrics-affiliated program
  • UPMC residents in a Pediatrics-affiliated program

In limited cases, faculty and staff in other Pitt or UPMC departments may be asked to complete this form.  This scenario is applicable to special programs that are hosted on the Pitt Pediatrics website and include personnel across multiple departments or schools, such as the Summer Research Internship Program.

All affected personnel will receive a direct email notification in early 2021 requesting completion of the Contact Update Form.

When will I have access to complete the Contact Update Form?

All affected personnel will receive a direct email notification in early 2021 requesting completion of the Contact Update Form. Notifications will be distributed in phases. Some faculty and staff may receive a notice prior to others.

Is there a due date?

The due date will be specified in the notification email sent to affected personnel. Completion of the form by the due date is required. 

New hires in Pediatrics or Pediatrics Research Administration will receive a special notification to complete the Contact Update Form. Completion of the form for new hires is generally required within 30 days of joining the department.

I completed this form in 2020. Why do I have to complete it again?

The first iteration of the Contact Update Form was used primarily to populate directory information on the new Pitt Pediatrics website which launched in July 2020.  Since the launch of the new website, the Chair's Office has expanded the use of the Contact Update Form for the collection of CVs, biographies, and other information that was previously obtained through a decentralized manner across all 26 operating units of Pitt Pediatrics.

By requiring personnel to complete the Contact Update Form on an annual basis, this will reduce the volume of repetitive inquiries throughout the year in advance of major projects and other strategic communication initiatives.

I am a UPMC employee, but this is a Pitt form. Do I have to complete this process?

Yes, in certain cases. UPMC and UPP employees that perform certain job tasks on the academic and research side of the Department of Pediatrics will be asked to complete the Contact Update Form and receive an email notice informing them of this requirement.

For example, division, center, and institute administrative assistants that work under a faculty or staff member for academic or research purposes should complete this form.  

UPMC and UPP employees that strictly work in clinical environments (such as nurse practictioners, medical assistants, etc.) that do not have any relationship with academic or research activities should not complete this form unless otherwise directed by a manager or supervisor.

I have a secondary faculty appointment in Pediatrics.  Do I need to complete this process?

Yes. This is to help ensure secondary faculty are included in Pediatrics-related press releases, directory pages, and annual reports.

I am a lab technician in Rangos and employed as a Pitt staff member.  Do I need to complete this process?

Yes. Completion of the Contact Update Form is required if your primary Pitt department affiliation is in Pediatrics or Pediatrics Research Administration.  

Personnel that have primary affiliations in other Pitt schools and departments but perform work under the umbrella of a Pitt Pediatrics division, center, institute, or business unit will also be required to complete the form.

Can I carry over information from my form completed in 2020?

The 2021 Contact Update Form has migrated to a new platform which does not allow for auto-import of all data collected during the 2020 cycle.  However, as part of the 2021 form, the Chair's Office may automatically fill in details based on HR records and other sources.

In particular, files such as CVs, biographies, and profile photos will have to be reuploaded, even if they were sent in during the 2020 submission cycle.

Can I access the Contact Update Form at any time to update my information after my initial submission? 

Yes. Starting in 2021, the Contact Update Form will allow all personnel to access their prior submission and skip directly to portions that require an update.  Personnel will not have to recomplete the entire form each time an update is required.

Accessing the Form

How do I enter the Contact Update Form and submit my information?

For the 2021 filing season, affected personnel should watch for an email with further instructions. In most cases, email notices will be sent to University of Pittsburgh email accounts.

Unless otherwise directed by the Chair's Office, personnel should not complete the Contact Update Form until an email notification is received.

Do I need to login with a username and password?

Yes, in most cases.  All faculty, staff, students, postdoctoral assignees, fellows, and residents with full University of Pittsburgh network accounts must enter a Pitt username and password to access the form.

UPMC and UPP personnel that do not have a Pitt account will be emailed a direct link bypassing the Pitt account requirement.

In brief, any person that receives a paycheck from the University of Pittsburgh must use Pitt network credentials to access the form.

What is Pitt Passport?

Pitt Passport is the University of Pittsburgh's single sign-on service for online applications and services.  If you have a Pitt network account with full software functionality, you will use Pitt Passport to access the Contact Update Form.

Is multifactor (two-step) authentication required?

Yes. When accessing the Contact Update Form via Pitt Passport, personnel must complete multifactor authentication using Duo Mobile, similar to other Pitt websites and online services. You can configure verification codes through the Duo Mobile smartphone app (Android and iPhone), text message, or standard telephone call.

I'm employed by Pitt but routinely use a UPMC computer and email account. Do I still have to use my Pitt account information?

Yes. All personnel employed by the University of Pittsburgh in any capacity must use their Pitt accounts to access and complete the Contact Update Form.  

To ensure accuracy of information and proper functionality of the system that hosts the Contact Update Form, there are no exceptions to this procedure.

I don't know my Pitt account credentials or need them reset.  What do I do?

Please contact the Pitt 24/7 IT Help Desk at 412-624-4357 for assistance. The help desk is staffed at all times, including weekends and holidays. The Chair's Office cannot assist with password resets.

Exception: A small number of UPMC or UPP personnel that hold sponsored (affiliate) Pitt accounts may need to contact a Responsibility Center (RC) account administrator for a password reset.

Can my administrative assistant complete the form on my behalf?

No. All personnel must complete the form individually. At this time, personnel are not able to delegate a proxy, administrative assistant, or third party to complete the form.

I get an error message when opening the form stating I don't have access to the Qualtrics Survey Service through my Pitt account. What do I do?

Personnel using sponsored or resource accounts through the University of Pittsburgh who get this error message should contact the Pitt 24/7 IT Help Desk at 412-624-4357 and request a Qualtrics license be activated on their account.  

Additional questions regarding this process may be directed to

Completing the Form

What information do I need to provide on the form?

This varies depending on your department and institutional affiliation(s). Visit the Contact Update Form page and select your affiliation to determine exactly what must be submitted.

Can I opt-out of certain portions of the form? 

Yes, in certain cases, which vary based on your departmental and institutional affiliations. Visit the Contact Update Form page and select your affiliation to determine the opt-outs applicable to your position(s).

Can I start the form, save it, and come back later to finish?

Yes, however, the form may require you to complete the page or section currently in view prior to saving and exiting.

I am on maternity leave or some other authorized absence. Do I have to complete the form?

Personnel on an approved leave of absence may complete the form upon returning to the department. To request an extension due to an approved leave of absence or similar circumstance, please email for assistance.

Do I have to provide my curriculum vitae (CV)?

The Chair's Office utilizes CVs to populate personnel profiles, annual reports, performance reviews, and other routine documentation throughout the year.

Faculty, physicians, fellows, and residents must provide a CV in Microsoft Word or Rich Text format with all tracked changes, markup, comments, and similiar editing marks removed.  PDF copies are not accepted.  

Faculty and physicians must use the standardized Pitt School of Medicine CV format.  Fellows and residents are highly encoraged to use the Pitt School of Medicine CV format but are not required to do so.

Staff, postdocs, and students can opt-out and do not have to provide a CV or resume. Personnel that perform substantial research-related work and maintain a publication list as part of a CV are highly encouraged to submit a copy.

All uploaded documents, regardless of position or institutional affiliation, should not contain social security numbers or similar types of sensitive data.

In all cases, CVs will not be published on the Pitt Pediatrics website for public download unless an employee provides authorization on the Contact Update Form when customizing his or her directory page.

Do I have to provide a profile photo or headshot?

Faculty, physicians, fellows, and residents must provide a headshot or profile photo. Other personnel are highly encouraged to provide a photo but may opt-out.

Visit the Contact Update Form page and select an affiliation type to view specific photo requirements.

I am a faculty member or physician. Why are you asking for my home address?

This information is requested on the Contact Update Form for use during performance evaluations and other administrative tasks throughout the year.

Home addresses will be retained for internal use only. They will not be published on the Pitt Pediatrics website or other location.

I am a fellow, resident, or postdoc and will be joining the faculty later this year.  How should I enter my details in the form?

Personnel that will be moving into a new role within Pitt Pediatrics, such as a fellow joining the faculty, should complete the Contact Update Form under their current role, then update the form again once he or she has started in the new position.

I am leaving the department in the next few months. Do I still have to complete the form?

Yes.  Personnel leaving the department by way of resignation, retirement, or transfer to another Pitt or UPMC unit must complete the form ahead of the deadline. This is necessary to compile an accurate list of personnel for annual report purposes.

Customizing Your Directory Profile

At minimum, what information must I display on my Pitt Pediatrics website personnel directory page?

The following information must be displayed, at minimum, on a directory page:

  • Name
  • Job or position titles
  • Primary academic office building name and location*
  • At least one business telephone number
  • Pitt or UPMC email address
  • Administrative assistant contact information, if applicable

Except for staff, postdoctoral assignees, and students that selected an opt-out, the following must also be displayed:

  • Profile photo or headshot
  • Biographical statement

The remainder of the directory page sections, including publications, awards, professional society memberships, and research grants, are customizable.

*Exception: Staff, postdocs, fellows, residents, and students may opt to limit display of their office location to a floor number or a "generic" address for Children's Hospital. Faculty must provide a full office location including a suite, room, or floor number.

Can I customize the appearance of my directory page?

Yes, in most cases. Outside of the required details above, all personnel can customize the publications, professional society memberships, awards, and other information on their directory page. These choices must be made on the Contact Update Form prior to final submission.

Can I reorder the categories on my profile page?

No. The order of categories such as publications, professional society memberships, awards, etc. are standardized across the department and cannot be changed.

I need to make a change to the appearance of my profile page after I submitted my form for the 2021 season. What do I do?

You can access the Contact Update Form system at any time to submit changes or updates.  This is the only method to submit changes to the Chair's Office.

I want a standalone list of publications on my profile before a link to my MyNCBI, ORCiD, or Scopus (Elsevier) profile. Can I do this?

Yes. Personnel can make these customizations through the Contact Update Form prior to submission.

I have multiple MyNCBI, ORCiD, or Scopus (Elsevier) profiles. Can I add all of them?

No. The form will allow one profile page or ID number per service. Personnel with duplicate profiles, such as three ORCiD IDs, should merge them together prior to submission of the Contact Update Form.

Will my CV be published on my directory page?

The Chair's Office will use CVs to populate various publication lists, awards, and similar details on profile pages, but the entire document will not be published online unless specific consent is provided by the employee.

Can I have my UPMC email posted on my directory profile or does it have to be my Pitt address?

Yes, personnel may display a UPMC email on a profile in place of a Pitt address.

However, some correspondence from the Department of Pediatrics may still come to Pitt email addresses which should be checked separately or set to automatically forward.

Can I use a UPMC or Pitt email alias on my profile?

Yes, as long as the address is an alias and not a "general inquiry" email.  

For example, if your UPMC email is and you wish to display or instead, this can be configured.  This may also be configured for Pitt emails, such as displaying as

My lab or research facility has a general inquiry email address. Can this be added to my page in the directory? 

Yes, in certain limited cases. Please complete a website service request and the Chair's Office will follow-up with you.

I have a special circumstance which should preclude me from having a public directory page on the Pitt Pediatrics website. Can I request an exception?

Please contact Brendan Linton for assistance.