Staff, Students, and Postdoctoral Assignees

Minimum Completion Requirements

The materials and information below are required to complete the contact update form process.  Some information may be automatically populated based on information already on file in the Chair's Office.

Basic Identity and Contact Information 

Staff, students, and postdocs will be asked to provide and/or confirm the following basic information:

  • First name, middle name or initial, and last name
  • Postnominal letters or other credentials
  • Primary academic office location including suite, floor, or room number*
  • Pitt and/or UPMC email address
  • Primary academic office telephone number

The above information must be accurately provided for internal use in the department.

*For office location, all personnel must provide at least a floor number and building name. Staff, students, and postdocs that do not wish to have a full office location posted on the public website directory may select a "generic" Children's Hospital address on the last page of the form.

Institutional and Department Affiliations

Staff, students, and postdocs will be asked to select and/or verify their affiliations with the University of Pittsburgh, UPMC, and/or University of Pittsburgh Physicians (UPP).  

Staff, students, and postdocs will also be asked to select and/or verify their associated divisions, centers, institutes, and business units within Pitt Pediatrics.

Job Title(s)

Staff, students, and postdocs will be asked to provide and/or verify their job title(s).  Up to four titles may be provided.

Researcher vs. Non-Researcher, Principal Investigator, and Lab Space Information

Staff, students, and postdocs working as research technicians, research assistants, or otherwise performing research-related duties in Rangos Research Center, Biomedical Science Tower, Biomedical Science Tower-South, and/or Biomedical Science Tower 3 will need to identify or confirm the following:

  • Name of their principal investigator (PI) or equivalent supervising faculty member
  • Specific work location including floor or suite, research bay number, and seat letter (A-D), if applicable

This information is being collected as part of the Rangos Research Center's migration from UPMC's network to PittNet.  

All research staff must accurately provide and/or verify this information. This section does not apply to non-research staff, such as those that work in an administrative role.

Optional Information

The following information may be submitted by staff, students, and postdocs but is not required to complete the Contact Update Form.


Staff, students, and postdocs may provide an optional biography outlining their academic and research activities.  Clinical interests may be included but should not be the primary focus.

Biographies can be uploaded to the form as a Microsoft Word or Rich Text file.  Alternatively, staff may copy and paste their biographical content directly into the web browser.

Components of an Effective Biography

  • Written in third person
  • Two to three paragraph minimum length, more content is strongly recommended for division directors, vice chairs, and senior faculty
  • No courtesy titles such as Dr., Mr., Mrs., etc. should be included
  • Facility names, abbreviations, and unit names should follow Pitt Pediatrics standardized abbreviations and Pitt writing style
    • Example: "CHP" is not an appropriate abbreviation when referring to UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
Profile Photo or Headshot

Staff, students, and postdocs are strongly advised, but not required, to provide a profile photo or headshot in original high-resolution format for use in the Pitt Pediatrics website directory, annual reports, and other publications.  Photos do not necessarily have to be taken by a photographer but must be professional-looking.

Minimum Photo Requirements​

  • JPEG or PNG file format
  • Resolution of 680x600 pixels, higher resolution strongly recommended
  • Must have adequate space around the head and shoulders
  • Professional or business attire (lab coat is acceptable, if desired)
  • Neutral background strongly recommended
  • No masks or other face coverings

Unacceptable Photos

  • Passport or visa photos
  • Screenshots or photos taken from another website
  • Printed photos scanned on a copy machine
  • Tightly cropped photos with little or no headroom or space around the shoulders

Need a photo taken?

UPMC and UPP staff may book an appointment at the UPMC Creative Services photo studio.  A UPMC or UPP cost center is required. All photos taken by the UPMC photo studio and uploaded to the Contact Update Form in their original format meet all requirements.  

If you have had photos taken by UPMC in the past and need a copy, contact your division admininstrative assistant for help or email

Pitt staff are not able to use UPMC's photo studio and will need to procure a photo through alternative means.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume

Staff, students, and postdocs have the option to provide a copy of their curriculum vitae (CV) or resume.  If provided, the document must be uploaded in Microsoft Word or Rich Text format.

Research Publication Systems 

Staff, students, and postdocs that use any of the following publication tracking systems will be asked to provide the relevant identification numbers and/or profile URLs.  

The Chair's Office will use this information to automatically generate information for annual reports.  Staff, students, and postdocs may also link these systems directly to their Pitt Pediatrics website directory profile.

  • MyNCBI (PubMed)
  • ORCiD
  • Web of Science ResearcherID
  • Scopus (Elsevier)

The form will allow one profile page or ID number per service. Personnel with duplicate profiles, such as three ORCiD IDs, should merge them together prior to their submission of the Contact Update Form.

Research Interest Keywords

In order to build a search tool on the Pitt Pediatrics website, staff, students, and postdocs actively involved in research will be asked to provide keywords or subjects for their research and academic interests.  The keywords should be brief and not exceed 40 characters each.


  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Liver transplantation
  • LGBTQ+ adolescent healthcare
  • Vaccine Development
Administrative Assistant or Executive Assistant

Staff, students, and postdocs that wish to add an administrative assistant to their Pitt Pediatrics website directory profile can do so through the Contact Update Form.  

The administrative assistant must complete and submit a Contact Update Form first in order for the profiles to be linked.

Personal Website(s) or Social Media Account Links

Staff, students, and postdocs that have any of the following may provide this information for placement on their Pitt Pediatrics website personnel directory page:

  • Link to a lab website outside the Pitt Pediatrics website or any UPMC website, such as a personal website
  • Social media accounts used for professional purposes
  • Pitt departmental website profiles outside Pediatrics where a person has other appointments
Curriculum Vitae (CV) for Public Review 

Staff, students, and postdocs may provide a copy of their curriculum vitae (CV) on their Pitt Pediatrics website directory profile for public download.