New Faculty and Staff Guide

Welcome to Pitt Pediatrics!  As one of the largest departments in Pitt's School of Medicine comprising over 1,000 faculty, staff, students, fellows, and residents, we are pleased to have you as a member of our team.

As you get started at Pitt, please review the following important details to set up your email accounts, submit your directory information, and access department resources.

Email Accounts

The vast majority of Pediatrics personnel have two email accounts - one for Pitt, and a second for UPMC.  It's best to determine which computer network you will use the most, then select your "primary" email account out of the two organizations. 

For example, if you work primarily in the Rangos Research Center or other facility with Pitt network infrastructure, your Pitt email is likely the best option. If you work mostly in a UPMC facility or use a UPMC workstation most of the time, use of a UPMC account may be ideal.

Regardless of the email option you choose, remember that you likely have two accounts, and it's important to ensure both are monitored for important updates, correspondence, and announcements.

I want to use my Pitt email as the primary account

You can access your Pitt email through the web or by using Microsoft Outlook on any Pitt-owned computer workstation.  Visit the Pitt Information Technology website for help getting started with Pitt email.

Pitt email cannot be set up natively through Microsoft Outlook on a UPMC-owned workstation due to UPMC security settings.  On a UPMC-owned device, you will need to use the web to access Pitt email.

Also, UPMC email accounts cannot be set to autoforward to a Pitt address or any other non-UPMC account.

I want to use my UPMC email as the primary account

Visit UPMC's Infonet for help setting up your UPMC email account.  UPMC email can be accessed on any UPMC-owned workstation or through the web on nearly any computer with an internet connection.

With limited exceptions, UPMC email cannot be setup natively through a Microsoft Outlook desktop application on a non-UPMC workstation.  Web mail must be used in this scenario.

If you have a Pitt email account and do not want to check it separately, visit the Pitt Information Technology website to configure automatic forwarding of your Pitt email to UPMC.

Contact Update Form

Pitt Pediatrics utilizes a Contact Update Form to collect biographical data, CVs, profile photos/headshots, and other details.  This data is vital to ensure completion of department-wide projects.  It also helps the department keep its website up-to-date, process faculty records in a timely fashion, publish news releases, and prepare annual reports.

Over the next 30 to 60 days, watch your Pitt email account (or UPMC account, if you have your Pitt email automatically forwarding) for an invitation to complete this process.  

Get a preview of form requirements on our website.

Faculty and Staff Resources

Need letterhead, PowerPoint templates, and other brand resources?  Want to review prior full faculty meeting recordings?

Many commonly-accessed resources are available through the Pitt Pediatrics website 24 hours per day, seven days per week.  Simply select the resource you need and, if necessary, login with Pitt or UPMC credentials.