Pitt Passport Integration

Starting in early 2021, Pitt Pediatrics will require use of Pitt Passport, the University of Pittsburgh's single sign-on service, to access certain department-wide forms and online applications.  These changes are necessary to facilitate enhanced security and sharing of data across various Pitt Pediatrics projects and day-to-day administrative functions.

Following the Rangos Research Center's migration to Pitt's network infrastructure, currently anticipated for a Fall 2021 completion, nearly all workstations and telephones in Rangos will require Pitt network credentials to login. More information specific to Rangos personnel will be announced in the coming months.

Have additional questions?  Please email the Chair's Office at pediatricsadmin@pitt.edu for assistance.

What applications will be affected?

Pitt Passport will be needed to access the following Pitt Pediatrics online forms and services:

  • Contact Update Form (Starting Early 2021)
  • Accomplishments Form (Launching Early 2021)
  • Chair's Office "Suggestion Box" Form
  • Pitt Pediatrics Website Editor Training Registration
  • Pitt Pediatrics Website Service Request

Additional forms and services are currently under evaluation for Pitt Passport integration.

What personnel will be affected?

The following Pediatrics personnel must use Pitt Passport to access affected forms and online services once integration is complete in early 2021:

  • All University of Pittsburgh faculty
  • All University of Pittsburgh staff
  • All University of Pittsburgh postdoctoral assignees
  • All University of Pittsburgh students
  • UPMC fellows and residents affiliated with Pediatrics holding a full or sponsored Pitt account
  • UPMC and University of Pittsburgh Physicians (UPP) staff with a sponsored Pitt account

In summary, any Department of Pediatrics employee that receives a paycheck from the University of Pittsburgh will be required to use Pitt credentials.

I use my Pitt email and network account regularly or have one already for certain job tasks.  What do I need to do?

Personnel that have Pitt network accounts now do not need to take any action at this time.  Existing account holders will be able to access applications with their credentials once integration is complete.

I use UPMC email and network accounts. How does this affect me?

All personnel in the above list that routinely use UPMC network and email accounts should prepare now for these changes to avoid technical issues following Pitt Passport integration:

  • Confirm access to Pitt accounts by visiting my.pitt.edu or another Pitt-managed service and logging in with Pitt credentials.
  • Ensure multifactor authentication is enabled for Pitt network accounts using the Duo Mobile app, text messaging, or telephone verification.
  • Check Pitt email routinely to ensure receipt of important updates and announcements or verify automatic forwarding to UPMC email is turned on.
How do I reset my Pitt account password or obtain my username?

Contact the Pitt IT Help Desk at 412-624-4357 or visit their website to obtain a self-service password reset.  The help desk is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days per week, including all University and federal holidays.  

The Chair's Office cannot assist with password resets.

Exception: A small number of sponsored or resource Pitt network account holders may need to contact a Responsibilty Center (RC) account administrator to request a password reset.

I’m a UPMC or UPP employee without a Pitt account. Do I need one?

UPMC and UPP personnel without Pitt accounts will have alternative access to most forms and online services affected by this change.  UPMC and UPP personnel who have offices in Rangos Research Center that do not have Pitt accounts will be contacted in the coming months with additional information on the PittNet migration project.

However, some division, center, and institute administrative assistants employed by UPMC and UPP will require use of Pitt accounts.  These personnel will be contacted directly by the Chair’s Office in advance of the integration date to make necessary arrangements.

Personnel employed by UPMC and UPP should not make arrangements on their own to obtain Pitt sponsored accounts at this time unless otherwise directed by the Chair’s Office.

I have used UPMC email for years.  Do I have to switch over to Pitt email?

No. However, personnel using UPMC email accounts should ensure their Pitt email has automatic forwarding enabled or is checked separately on a regular basis.  Starting in 2021, certain communications from the Chair's Office will be sent to Pitt email accounts and cannot be routed to UPMC email by default.

How can I access my Pitt email on a UPMC workstation?

Use the Microsoft 365 webmail service by visiting portal.office.com. Login with your University of Pittsburgh email and password when prompted.

Access to University of Pittsburgh email on the UPMC corporate network is not affected by the UPMC personal email and file sharing firewall implemented in November 2020. However, some UPMC-owned clinical workstations may limit access to the internet, which will require faculty and staff to use a different computer.

Can I opt-out of this change?

No. All Department of Pediatrics personnel with Pitt network accounts must use them to access affected forms and online services.  Due to the nature of how the various forms query and retain data entered by faculty and staff, the Chair's Office will not grant exceptions to this process.

Will multifactor (two-step) authentication be required following the integration?

Yes. Affected forms and online services will require use of Duo Mobile, Pitt's multifactor authentication provider. Verification can be set up through a smartphone app, text message, telephone call, or physical hardware token. More details on Duo Mobile are available through Pitt's 24/7 IT Help Desk.

I'm not sure if I have a Pitt network account. How can I check?

If you are an employee of the University of Pittsburgh in any capacity, you have a Pitt network account.

UPMC and University of Pittsburgh (UPP) personnel may have Pitt sponsored network accounts for certain job tasks involving Pitt Worx, Concur Travel, PantherExpress, or similar Pitt services.

In either case, you can typically use the Pitt "Find People" website to look up your account information. Additional questions should be directed to the Pitt 24/7 IT Help Desk at 412-624-4357.