Travel and Visitor Requests

Under the University of Pittsburgh's COVID-19 management policies, requests for all Pediatrics personnel to travel on behalf of the University, UPMC, or University of Pittsburgh Physicians (UPP) must be pre-approved by the Chair's Office.  Additionally, personnel seeking to host a visitor at the University of Pittsburgh from another institution, company, or organization must seek pre-approval.

Travel requests are facilitated through DocuSign.  Once a form is completed by the requester and sent electronically to the Chair's Office by the DocuSign system, it will be reviewed and either approved or declined.  Final copies of the approval or denial will be automatically emailed to the requester and his or her administrative assistant (if originally identified) by the DocuSign system.

Outgoing Travel

Pediatrics personnel seeking to travel domestically or internationally on behalf of the University, UPMC, or UPP on official business for a conference, event, or similar reason should follow this process.

Incoming Visitors

Pitt Pediatrics personnel seeking to host a visitor from an institution, company, or other entity outside the University of Pittsburgh and/or UPMC on campus for a Pitt Pediatrics-related meeting or event should follow this approval process.