Website Content Management

Content on the Pitt Pediatrics website is managed by the Chair's Office in cooperation with several faculty and staff members across the department.  The Chair's Office conducts periodic trainings for department units that designate faculty and staff to serve as authorized website editors.

Routine Content Updates

Most routine content updates and additions can be addressed within a particular division, center, insitute, or business unit by an authorized website editor.

Special Updates and Service Requests

Some content changes require coordination with the Chair's Office.  Review the process to submit a website service request.

Website Editor Training

Register for training to become an authorized Pitt Pediatrics website editor for a division, center, institute, or business unit.  Trainings are held one to two times per month.

Photo, Video, and Recording Consent Forms

Access forms required to take photos or record video for placement on the Pitt Pediatrics website.

Updating a UPMC Website

Requests to add, change, or delete a UPMC-owned website are handled by UPMC Digital Marketing.