The Pediatric Institute for Heart Regeneration and Therapeutics (I-HRT) is a newly-established research institute within the Department of Pediatrics, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. This institute seeks to improve health by repairing hearts through guided regeneration. The institute strives to develop a scientific basis for heart regeneration through world-class research and training. The institute will incorporate basic, translational, and clinical research components. I-HRT’s goal is to translate the strategy of stimulating heart muscle cell regeneration into a therapy.

Essential Publications

Cardiac Regeneration: Methods and Protocols (ed. Kühn B, Poss K)

Han L, Choudhury S, Mich-Basso JD, Ammanamanchi N, Ganapathy G, Suresh S, Khaladkar M, Singh J, Maehr R, Zuppo DA, Kim J, Eberwine JH, Wyman SK, Wu Y & Kühn B. Lamin B2 levels regulate polyploidization of cardiomyocyte nuclei and myocardial regeneration. Dev. Cell 2020; 6;53(1):42-59. PMID: 32109383, PMCID: PMC7346764

Control of Cytokinesis by β-adrenergic Receptors Indicates an Approach for Regulating Cardiomyocyte Endowment
Liu H, Zhang CH, Ammanamanchi N, Suresh S, Lewarchik C, Rao K, Uys GM, Han L, Abrial M, Yimlamai D, Ganapathy B, Guillermier C, Chen N, Khaladkar M, Spaethling J, Eberwine JH, Kim J, Walsh S, Choudhury S, Little K, Francis K, Sharma M, Viegas M, Bais A, Kostka D, Ding J, Bar-Joseph Z, Wu Y, Yechoor V, Moulik M, Johnson J, Weinberg J, Reyes-Múgica M, Steinhauser ML, Kühn B
Science Translational Medicine
2019 Oct 9


Pediatric Institute for Heart Regeneration and Therapeutics
John G. Rangos Sr. Research Center, 8th Floor
UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh
4401 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Administrative Manager: Matt Lodovico
phone: 412-692-7710
fax: 412-692-6184