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Thank you for being willing to complete this survey, which is now monthly -- here are details about the survey, which we are inviting you to take this month and every month during the pandemic:    

COVID-19 has challenged all of us. Parents and adult caregivers are vital for ensuring children continue to thrive during these tough times. Sharing your experience can help ensure resources are accessible, especially where they will do the most good. Please take the Family Strengths Survey and help improve COVID-19 response efforts.

We want to learn about what has been helpful. How are you and your family doing this month? Are there resources we should share with others? What resources do families need the most right now? What does this "new normal" look like to you and yours? The survey takes about six minutes and a new survey is posted every Friday.  We will continue to post reports from what families have been sharing.

We are very grateful for your time whether you are completing this survey for the first time, or returning to update us on how your family is doing this month.  Your responses to the survey are anonymous. You can skip questions. You can stop at any time. Taking the survey does not affect your receipt of services, but instead tells us what families need right now. 

At the end of the survey, you will have the choice to enter your name and contact information for a chance to win a $100 gift card (5 people randomly selected each month from everyone who answers the survey). You can also provide your name and contact information if you want to receive a notification to take the survey again next month. The contact information entered here is never linked to your answers to the survey.  

Connecting with Resources

In response to what families have told us through prior surveys, we are working with community partners to highlight resources that may be helpful to families.  Check our Family Strengths Survey Resource List and Topic Reports.


This research was reviewed by the University of Pittsburgh Institutional Review Board and deemed to be Exempt under 6 CFR §46.104.