Loreta Myra Matheo, MD, FAAP, the fellowship program director, provides mentorship for health professions students, residents, and fellows. She provides clinical supervision of adolescent medicine fellows; pediatric, medicine-pediatrics, and triple-board residents; and medical students in the inpatient setting and in the outpatient Adolescent Medicine Clinic as well as Duquesne University’s Health Service. She serves as the medical advisor for the University’s Eating Disorder Team. Additional teaching duties include precepting the PGY-2 residents at Shuman Center and precepting medical students for the CAMP-C ambulatory care course for second-year students. From 2011 to the present, she has had an average of four students per session for a total of four sessions per course. Matheo is also an instructor in Advanced Medical Interviewing. 

Elissa Baker Gittes, MD  provides mentorship to first-year medical students through the FAST advising program.