Field Studies

Social Network

Applies social network techniques to illuminate how networks of adult supports may uniquely confer protection from violence in low-resource neighborhoods.

Coaching Boys Into Men

An evidence based adolescent relationship abuse and sexual violence prevention program that trains athletic coaches to talk to their male athletes about respect, responsibility, non-violence, consent, and the responsibility to speak out against violence

Creating Peace

A cluster randomized controlled, community partner project examining the effectiveness of a program aimed to prevent youth violence with extra attention on racism and discrimination prevention.

Expect Respect

A cluster-randomized school-based study will examine the effectiveness of a teen dating violence (TDV) and sexual violence (SV) prevention program for preventing serious violence perpetration among middle school students.

Wellness and Resilience Course

Study evaluating the acceptability, feasibility, and preliminary effectiveness of a college course designed to promote student mental health and wellness based on dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) skills-building.

Enhancing Resiliency

Study seeking to foster resilience through mindfulness to helping increase coping and emotion regulation skills among youth who are involved with the juvenile justice system.