The Division of Allergy and Immunology is dedicated to improving the lives of those with food, drug and environmental allergies, asthma, eczema, and immunodeficiencies through our commitment to excellence in patient care, education, and research.  We are leaders in our community in the diagnosis and management of food allergies, providing clinical care, food challenges and participation national food tolerance clinical trials.

We are the only Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) designated Clinical Research Center of Distinction in Western Pennsylvania, and one of only 47 centers in the United States. Our Division is home to one of the few combined subspecialty pediatric Severe Asthma Care Centers in the country, using a multidisciplinary joint approach between pulmonology and allergy to meet the clinical needs of children with very difficult-to-control and severe asthma.  We care for children with inborn errors of immunity in our specialized Primary Immunodeficiency Clinic with close collaboration with other subspecialists and genetic counselors to offer precision and cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment options.  

Our division is home to the Immune Dysregulation Diagnosis and Treatment Program (IDDAT). The IDDAT program is a multidisciplinary team of physicians and researchers who take a collaborative approach to diagnosing and treating rare disorders that affect immunity.


We participate in numerous clinical trials aimed at food allergy testing and tolerance.

Education and Training

We offer a two to three year ACGME accredited training program in partnership with UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Clinical Operations

Our clinical program at Children's Hospital completes over 7,000 visits annually, including same-day appointments and telemedicine services.


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