GI Basic Seminar Series

We have organized a monthly GI Basic Science Research Seminar Series.  The seminar series focus is to provide an opportunity for various researchers in our Pediatric GI Division and/or University to present, interact, and share their scientific stories regarding relative basic science. It is an opportunity for our attending faculty and fellows to come and learn about the research that is occurring in the division labs.  It is also a forum in which we can have scientists outside of our Division/University to share their work and build relationships to collaborate in the future. 

Pediatric Exocrine Pancreatic Seminar Series  

Kate M. Ellery, DO, MS continues the Pediatric Exocrine Pancreatic Seminar Series with invited lecturers in pancreatitis and pancreatic disorders.  The annual Pancreas Fest is a meeting of experts in the field, including physicians and translational researchers who convene during the last week of July to find new ways of working together to improve patient care. 

International Pediatric Intestinal Failure and Rehabilitation Symposium

The ICare and intestinal transplant faculty at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh hosts the annual International Pediatric Intestinal Failure symposium every two years.  This symposium brings together physicians, researchers, nurses, advanced practice providers, dieticians, and other staff who care for children with intestinal failure and transplant.