The Division of General Academic Pediatrics is an international leader in child health research, with faculty researchers collaborating across divisions, departments, schools, and institutions in far reaching areas of study. With an international reputation for research focused on ear infections, the Division of General Academic Pediatrics continues to explore treatment strategies for acute otitis media (AOM), most recently the efficacy of tympanostomy tubes in preventing recurrent AOM, the development of effective antibiotics with reduced adverse event profile, and adjuvant tools to increase diagnostic accuracy for young children with AOM.

Additionally, the division has taken on a leadership role as a Clinical Trials Unit for nationwide studies to evaluate the effectiveness of antimicrobials in preventing recurrences of urinary tract infections in young children with vesicoureteral reflux, and appropriate duration of treatment for the most common childhood infections, including ear infections, urinary tract infections, pneumonia, and sinus infections. Faculty in the division are also dedicated to understanding and improving pediatric health care delivery systems, examining how technology, geography, and other factors impact health care from the perspective of patients, families, clinicians, and systems with the goal of promoting access to equitable, family-centered, and high-quality health care for all children.

Further areas of exploration include the relationship between maternal mental health and child outcomes; maternal infections and immune response on infant outcomes; vitamin D insufficiency and calcium nutrition among preadolescent African-American children; substance use prevention; and intimate partner violence and dating violence prevention, supporting immigrant and limited English proficiency communities, and community-involved research. In this model, pediatricians devote time to research and patient care in focused areas to strengthen General Academic Pediatrics at the University of Pittsburgh and facilitate attainment of our mission.

Get a full list of currently active and recruiting research studies at our divison page on the UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh website here.

Clinical Trials Unit

Evaluating frequently performed pediatric treatments and procedures that entail substantial use of health care resources but whose value has not been adequately substantiated.

Pittsburgh Vaccine Trials Unit

A Pitt Pediatrics unit that conducts investigations of a variety of vaccines to prevent childhood infections.

Ray Pediatric Health Systems Research Group

Focuses on Pediatric healthcare system access, effectiveness, efficiency, family-centeredness, and equity.

Center for Excellence in Child and Adolescent Health Research

Promoting the health of children and youth by advancing meaningful and innovative clinical research.

Collaborations and Affiliations

We partner with multiple local and national research groups to advance breakthroughs in pediatric medicine.

Shaikh Lab and GAP Translational Science Unit

Focusing on host pathogen interaction during pediatric infections such as urinary tract infections (UTIs), acute sinusitis, acute otitis media, and COVID-19.