Former Lab Members

Nathan Herdman

Nathan Herdman was a Research Technician in the Airik lab who managed the mouse colony and performed various histochemical and immunological staining in cell culture and on tissue samples. 


Kelsey Ulanowicz

From 2015-2016 Kelsey Ulanowicz worked as a technician in the lab and in 2017 returned as a summer student in the SRIP program. She is currently a 2nd-year medical student at West Virginia University School of Medicine and looking forward to beginning clinical rotations in Charleston this upcoming June. 


Allison Reinhardt

Allison Reinhardt was a summer student in the SRIP program in 2016. She is currently employed as a tutor and practice passage author for the Medical College Admissions Test. Allison is applying to medical schools and will matriculate in 2018.