Representative Publications

Ho J, Ng KH, Rosen S, Dostal A, Gregory RI and Kreidberg JA. Podocyte-specific loss of functional miRNAs leads to rapid glomerular and tubular damage. J Am Soc Neph 2008; 19(11): 2069-2075. PMID: 18832437. 

Ho J, Pandey P, Schatton T, Sims-Lucas S, Khalid M, Frank MH, Hartwig S and Kreidberg JA. The pro-apoptotic protein Bim is a microRNA target in kidney progenitor cells. J Am Soc Neph 2011; 22(6): 1053-1063. PMID 21546576. 

Marrone AK, Stolz DB, Bastacky SI, Kostka D, Bodnar AJ and Ho J. miR-17~92 is required for nephrogenesis and renal function. J Am Soc Neph 2014; 25(7): 1440-1452. PMID 24511118. 

Cerqueira DM, Bodnar AJ, Phua YL, Freer R, Hemker SL, Walensky LD, Hukriede NA and Ho J. Bim gene dosage is critical in modulating nephron progenitor survival in the absence of microRNAs during kidney development. FASEB J, 2017 Aug; 31(8): 3540-3554. PMID28446592.  

Phua YL, Chen KH, Hemker SL, Marrone AK, Bodnar AJ, Liu X, Clugston A, Kostka D, Butterworth MB and Ho J. Loss of miR-17~92 results in dysregulation of Cftr in nephron progenitors. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol, 2019 May 1;316(5):F993-F1005. PMID: 30838872.

Cerqueira DM, Hemker SL, Bodnar AJ, Ortiz DM, Oladipupo FO, Mukherjee E, Gong Z, Appolonia C, Muzumdar RH, Sims-Lucas S and Ho J. In utero exposure to maternal diabetes impairs nephron progenitor differentiation. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol, 2019 Nov 1;317(5):F1318-F1330. PMID: 31509011. *APS Select article, recognizing distinction in scholarship.

Anslow MJ, Bodnar AJ, Cerqueira DM, Bushnell D, Shrom BE, Sims-Lucas S, Bates CM and Ho J. Increased rates of vesicoureteral reflux in mice from deletion of Dicer in the peri-Wolffian duct stroma. Pediatr Res. 2020 Feb 3;. doi: 10.1038/s41390-020-0788-7. [Epub ahead of print]. PMID: 32015493.

Hemker SL, Cerqueira DM, Bodnar AJ, Cargill KR, Clugston A, Anslow MJ, Sims-Lucas S, Kostka D and Ho J. Deletion of hypoxia-responsive microRNA-210 results in a sex-specific decrease in nephron number. FASEB J. 2020 Mar 5; doi: 10.1096/fj.201902767R. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 32141129.

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