Former Lab Members

Kasey Cargill

Kasey was a graduate student studying the role of VHL mutations in the nephron progenitors from 2016-2019. Her project makes use of conditional knockout and cell-based approaches to tease apart the mechanisms of VHL signaling and nephron progenitor differentiation. Kasey is now a post-doctocal fellow at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. 

Christopher Rymer

Chris worked from 2013-2014 as a technician in the lab. In the lab, Chris managed to publish two first-author manuscripts. He is currently a 54th-year medical student at Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine. 

Katherine Maringer

Katie was a postdoctoral scholar in the lab from 2015-2017. She worked on numerous projects related to the role of the renal microvasculature during development and disease. She successfully competed for an F32 postdoctoral training grant. She is currently employed as a scientific liaison for Osaka Pharmaceuticals.  

Elina Mukherjee

Elina was a technician that worked in the Sims-Lucas laboratory.  

Anjana Murali

Anjana was an undergraduate student in my laboratory from 2014-2018. She studied the role of oxygenation and oxygen-related signaling during kidney development. She also completed a bachelor of philosophy related to her work on altitude induced renal susceptibility. She is currently a 1st 2nd-year medical student at the University of Pittsburgh.