Recent Publications


Recent publication by Melissa J. Anslow, MD revealing that microRNAs in developing urinary tract stroma prevent vesicoureteral reflux in mice. Editorial featured article.  Read more at UPMC Physician Resources.

Anslow MJ, Bodnar AJ, Cerqueira DM, Bushnell D, Shrom BE, Sims-Lucas S, Bates CM and Ho J. Increased rates of vesicoureteral reflux in mice from deletion of Dicer in the peri-Wolffian duct stroma. Pediatr Res, 88:382-390, 2020. PMID: 32015493, PMCID: PMC7396288

Recent publication by Paul K. Fadakar, MD (middle author) examining the role of T follicular helper cells in antibody mediated rejection.

Louis K, Macedo C, Bailly E, et al. Coordinated Circulating T Follicular Helper and Activated B Cell Responses Underlie the Onset of Antibody-Mediated Rejection in Kidney Transplantation. J Am Soc Nephrol, 31(10): 2457-2474, 2020. PMID: 32723838, PMCID: PMC7608995

Recent publication by Michael L. Moritz, MD reporting findings from a survey of pediatric hospitalists across the country to determine if they were following practice guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics on the use of isotonic maintenance fluid in hospitalized children.

Hall AM, Ayus JC, Moritz ML. How Salty Are Your Fluids? Pediatric Maintenance IV Fluid Prescribing Practices Among Hospitalists. Front Pediatr. 15(7):549, 2020; 7: 549. PMID: 32010650, PMCID: PMC6974532

Recent publication by Carlton M. Bates, MD showing that fibroblast growth factor receptor 2 signaling in bladder urothelium prevents aberrant regenerative responses to cyclophosphamide injury. 

Narla ST, Bushnell DS, Schaefer CM, Nouraie M, Tometich JT, Hand TW,  Bates CM. Loss of fibroblast growth factor receptor 2 (FGFR2) leads to defective bladder urothelial regeneration after Cyclophosphamide injury. Am J Pathol, 2020, in press. PMCID-pending.

Other Publications


Airik M, Schüler M, McCourt B, Weiss AC, Herdman N, Lüdtke TH, Widmeier E, Stolz DB, Nejak-Bowen KN, Yimlamai D, Wu YL, Kispert A, Airik R, Hildebrandt F. Loss of Anks6 leads to YAP deficiency and liver abnormalities. Hum Mol Genet. 2020 Nov 4;29(18):3064-3080. 

Anslow MJ, Bodnar AJ, Cerqueira DM, Bushnell D, Shrom BE, Sims-Lucas S, Bates CM and Ho J. Increased rates of vesicoureteral reflux in mice from deletion of Dicer in the peri-Wolffian duct stroma. Pediatr Res, 88:382-390, 2020. PMID: 32015493, PMCID: PMC7396288

Ayus JC, Fuentes N, Go AS, Achinger SG, Moritz ML, Nigwekar SU, et al. Chronicity of Uncorrected Hyponatremia and Clinical Outcomes in Older Patients Undergoing Hip Fracture Repair. Front Med 2020;7. 

Bataineh A, Dealmeida D, Bilderback A, Ambrosino R, Al-Jaghbeer MJ, Fuhrman DY, , Kellum JA. Sustained effects of a clinical decision support system for acute kidney injury. Nephrol Dial Transplant 2020;35(10):1819-1821. 

Cargill KR, Chiba T, Murali A, Mukherjee E, Crinzi E, Sims-Lucas S. Prenatal hypoxia increases susceptibility to kidney injury. PLoS ONE 2020;15(2). 

Formeck CL, Joyce EL, Fuhrman DY, Kellum JA. Association of acute kidney injury with subsequent sepsis in critically ill children. Pediatr Crit Care Med. 2020 Aug 27(Online ahead of print). PMID: 32858738. 

Fuhrman DY, Nguyen L, Joyce E, Kellum JA. Outcomes of young adults with congenital heart disease that experience AKI in the ICU. Cardiol Young. 2020 (In press)

Fuhrman DY, Kellum JA, Joyce EL, Miyashita Y, Mazariegos GV, Ganoza A, et al. The use of urinary biomarkers to predict acute kidney injury in children after liver transplant. Pediatr Transplant 2020;24(1). 

Goetzman ES, Bharathi SS, Zhang Y, Zhao X-, Dobrowolski SF, Peasley K, Sims-Lucas S, Monga SP Impaired mitochondrial medium-chain fatty acid oxidation drives periportal macrovesicular steatosis in sirtuin-5 knockout mice. Sci Rep 2020;10(1). 

Hall AM, Ayus JC, Moritz ML. How Salty Are Your Fluids? Pediatric Maintenance IV Fluid Prescribing Practices Among Hospitalists. Front Pediatr 2020;7. 

Hanevold CD, Miyashita Y, Faino AV, Flynn JT. Changes in ambulatory blood pressure phenotype over time in children and adolescents with elevated blood pressures. J Pediat. 2020 Jan; 126:31-43.e2 

Hemker SL, Cerqueira DM, Bodnar AJ, Cargill KR, Clugston A, Anslow MJ, et al. Deletion of hypoxia-responsive microRNA-210 results in a sex-specific decrease in nephron number. FASEB J 2020;34(4):5782-5799. 

Hurley E, Peeples ES, Bates CM, Hunstad DA, Barkin SL. Perspective commentary from the Society for Pediatric Research: supporting early-stage pediatric physician–scientist success. Pediatr Res 2020;87(5):834-838. 

Louis K, Macedo C, Bailly E, Lau L, Ramaswami B, Marrari M, Landsittel D, Chang A, Chandran U, Fadakar P, Yamada M, Chalasani G, Randhawa P, Zeevi A, Singh H, Lefaucheur C, Metes D. Coordinated circulating T follicular helper and activated B cell responses underlie the onset of antibody-mediated rejection in kidney transplantation. J Am Soc Nephrol 2020;31(10):2457-2474. 

Manrique-Caballero CL, Peerapornratana S, Formeck C, Del Rio-Pertuz G, Gomez Danies H, Kellum JA. Typical and Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome in the Critically Ill. Crit Care Clin. 2020 Apr;36(2):333-356.  

Narla ST, Bushnell DS, Schaefer CM, Nouraie M, Bates CM. Keratinocyte Growth Factor Reduces Injury and Leads to Early Recovery from Cyclophosphamide Bladder Injury. Am J Pathol 2020;190(1):108-124 

Ozbaki-Yagan N, Liu X, Bodnar AJ, Ho J, Butterworth MB. Aldosterone-induced microRNAs act as feedback regulators of mineralocorticoid receptor signaling in kidney epithelia. FASEB J 2020;34(9):11714-11728. 

Shaikh N, Rajakumar V, Peterson CG, Gorski J, Ivanova A, Gravens Muller L, et al. Cost-Utility of Antimicrobial Prophylaxis for Treatment of Children With Vesicoureteral Reflux. Front Pediatr 2020;7. 

Taylor MD, Allada V, Moritz ML, Nowalk AJ, Sindhi R, Aneja RK, et al. Use of C-reactive protein and ferritin biomarkers in daily pediatric practice. Pediatr Rev 2020;41(4):172-183. 


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