Current Projects

Identification of enhancers controlling cell-type dependent expression of Blimp-1

Using ChIP-seq to identify enhancers and a genetic reporter of Blimp-1 expression, we are exploring the factors that are required to drive Blimp-1 expression and determining which non-coding enhancers are relevant to control expression of Blimp-1 in different cell types.

Determining cell-type specific function of Blimp-1

Using RNA-seq and ChIP-seq, we are exploring how Blimp-1 functions in different immune cell types. Genetic tools allow us to delete Blimp-1 in specific cell types (constitutively or inducibly) or overexpress Blimp-1 in a dose-dependent cell type specific manner.

Blimp-1 mediated Th2 cell development in the lung impacting allergic airway inflammation

Using a murine model of allergic asthma, we are exploring the requirement of Blimp-1 in asthma disease.

Epigenetic regulation of tumor-infiltrating T cells

Using a new low-cell number ChIPseq assay (CUT&RUN) we are exploring the epigenetics of T cells in murine tumors in collaboration with Dr. Greg Delgoffe at the Hillman Cancer Center.