Frequently Asked Questions

I am currently involved in a QI project, completed a project, or am in the process of planning a project and want to apply for MOC Part 4 credit. What do I do first?

All projects submitted to the MOC Portfolio Committee must first be approved by the UPMC Quality Review Committee (QRC). You can find more information about the QRC process and a link to apply via UPMC Infonet.

You can find frequently asked questions about the QRC on Infonet. The QRC application requests many of the same details needed for the Pediatrics MOC Application.

I am not involved with a QI project, but I want to obtain MOC Part 4 credit. What do I do?

See a current list of projects taking place in the Department of Pediatrics, or search the QRC project database to find a project relevant to you. You can reach out the Project Leader to see if you can join their existing project.

Do I need to have data before I can submit my QI application?

It is usually helpful to have an understanding of the current state before submitting a QI project application and this often requires data. However, there are reasons why you might not want to gather data prior to having the approval in place. If the baseline data that you are gathering is information that you can obtain through your usual clinical/administrative activities, go ahead and gather it to understand the current state. If you have to go outside your usual scope, submit your application first and include in your application your plan for gathering baseline data. 

Example:  If you want to address readmissions and based on your position, you are already privy to your unit’s readmission rates, then collate that data before submitting your application. However, if to get the readmission rate you will need to access patient data that you do not access in your normal course of business, submit first.

Where else can I get help?

Check out the "Toolkit for Quality Process Improvement" from UPMC.