Faculty Mentors for Interns

Faculty Mentors for Interns

Our mentoring program begins with a Faculty Mentor selected specifically for each incoming intern based on what the intern is seeking in the relationship. The Mentor meets the intern at an Orientation event and a regular meeting schedule for the year is arranged. At least one of these mentor meetings occurs with a Program Director to assure that we are providing integrated and optimal support and guidance.

Guidance can be provided in all areas including:

  • Personal development (work-life balance, building confidence)
  • Professional development (developing learning goals, choosing a career)
  • Skill development (communication, time management, clinical skill)
  • Research/Academic development

The Mentor’s focus is to provide oversight, general advice and guidance for the intern as he/she progresses through the year. All of our Mentors are trained and have the connections within the Department of Pediatrics to arrange contacts with additional faculty members as the residents’ career interests develop.

Mentors work with the interns to develop an individualized education planreflecting specific learning goals as well as a focus on wellness and staying resilient during residency. As specific educational and professional goals develop, Mentors and Program Leadership work with the resident to identify additional faculty members who can serve as mentors for career development, research activities and other areas of interest.

Mentor Meetings

Each resident has at least one formally identified Mentor whose primary focus is on the resident’s career and professional development goals. We further encourage residents to develop mentor teams of additional formal and “informal mentors” - faculty members with whom they develop a trusting relationship as they continue their professional development. In addition, Program Directors provide valuable mentoring through regular meetings with each resident and via their easy accessibility. Throughout training, residents meet a minimum of 3 times a year with their mentor. They may also include additional members of their mentor team as desired and appropriate. Mentor(s) and Program Directors further work in concert to assure dedicated attention to each resident’s individualized plan. This rich network of support assures that each resident finds the right path toward a successful career.