Scholarly Projects

Our Scholarly Project requirement is designed to promote an environment of scholarly inquiry and to train residents in the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of scholarship. The Scholarly Project provides an opportunity for residents to engage in systematic inquiry in a focused area of interest to complement the direct clinical practice of pediatrics.

The Scholarly Project can be developed as a Research Project but can also be developed in the areas of Quality Improvement, Community Advocacy, or Medical Education. A comprehensive review of the literature on a particular topic and preparation of a scholarly lecture is also an acceptable project.

Scholarly Project Faculty Mentors work with residents to develop these plans includingĀ guidance in:

  • Formulating a specific research question
  • Developing a didactic lecture on a topic of interest
  • Identifying an area for quality improvement
  • Developing an educational activity and evaluating its impact
  • Developing a community advocacy project
  • Participating in general educational forums with contributions such as review articles, case reports, etc.
  • Reviewing and synthesizing relevant literature
  • Creating a realistic plan and timeline for answering the question/developing the project
  • Learning appropriate technical aspects of the project , such as writing and finding appropriate forum for presentation of the project