OFD Education Innovation Project Grant Program

Innovative curricular interventions, educational research and/or the development of new educational resources are some of the examples of projects that will be considered.

The grant provides financial support for projects relevant to any level(s) of medical education learners across the continuum of pediatrics (medical school students, graduate medical education learners, continuing medical education/faculty).  Grants will provide funding up to $1500 per application.

It is expected that this project will enhance the quality of education in our institution in some way, e.g., a new curriculum, or teaching or evaluation approach that can be integrated into training the targeted learning group(s). It is also expected that project work be of value external to our setting and will be disseminated (e.g., submitted for presentation at a local, regional, or national conference, or other form of dissemination).

2021 Grant Recipients

Prior Recipients

Year  Name  Project Title
2017  Matthew Pihlblad, MD Educational benefit of the D-eye in teaching direct ophthalmoscopy
2017 Amr Morsi, MD A Day in the Life of a Patient with Diabetes Mellitus; an Experiential Learning
2018 Amanda Brown, MD MS Learning How to Give Serious News Effectively: A Workshop to Improve Pediatric Residents' Medical Error Disclosure
2018  Andrew McCormick, MD Health and Wellness: Play and Exploration in Medicine
2018 Wednesday Sevilla, MD, MPH Nutrition Retreat – Intensive and Immersive Nutrition Education for Pediatric GI Fellows
2019 Noel Spears Zuckerbraun, MD MPH PEMTalk: Delivering Serious News in the Pediatric Emergency Medicine
2020 Erin Cummings, MD Physician-Nursing Residency Peer Mentorship Program
2020 Karena Lawrence, MD, MS Difficult Conversations in the NICU and Beyond
2020 Andrew McCormick, MD Anti-Racism in Medicine: Connecting the thread from the classroom to the clinical ward in medical education
2020 Tahniat Syed, MD, MPH Enhancing a currilucum in pregnancy options counseling for pediatric residents with patient perspectives
2020 Orquidia Torres, MD, MS Nothing can be changed until it is faced: An innovative anti-racist training curriculum

Important Dates

PLEASE NOTE: Applications will not be accepted during 2022

April 1 – Annual application cycle opens
June 30 – Proposal submission due date

Application Form and Required Materials: Please submit all materials to OFD@pitt.edu

For the OFD Educational Innovation Project Grant, please provide:


FAQ: OFD Education Innovation Project Application (PDF)