Histology Core

Above: Routine Histological Stains - Liver H&E (top left), Kidney H&E, Skin Trichrome, & Kidney PAS (bottom right).

The Rangos Histopathology Core lab is a research-based lab located in the John G. Rangos Sr. Research Center in 3537. The lab's mission is to provide high quality individualized histological services in order to facilitate productivity and success of investigators based in the Rangos Research Center and researchers in other units of Pitt / UPMC, as well as clients in other academic institutions in the Pittsburgh area.

Above: Immunoperoxidase Staining Antibody work up - Pancreas Insulin (top left), Pancreas Smad7, Kidney PMP70, & Skin Smad2 (bottom right).


  • Tissue processing
  • Tissue embedding
  • Sectioning
  • Routine histological stains
  • Immunoperoxidase staining
  • Antibody work up
  • Consultation related to appropriate fixation/processing
  • Other services upon request
Above: Tissue Processor (top left), Paraffin Sectioning, Frozen Sectioning, & Embedding (bottom right).

    Tissue & Protocol Archiving

    We have collected a range of tissue specimens that we keep for positive controls (both frozen and paraffin). All validated protocols and antibody workups are archived for future use.


    Please find our price list for routine services listed below. For other types of inquiries please contact Michele Mulkeen.                                          


    Rangos Faculty

    Non-Rangos Faculty

    Routine tissue processing






    Unstained blank slides, slides cut



    Special stains

    Tier I (PAS, PASD, Oil Red O, Alcian Blue)

    Tier II (Trichrome, VVG)

    Tier III (Silver stains)









    IHC staining (antibody from researcher)



    Double-label IHC staining (ab from researcher)



    Antibody optimization (ab from researcher)




    To facilitate researchers and to fulfill our mission, we require investigators to consult with the Core’s director before starting each project. Investigators will also work with the Core's Histologist for optimization of the technical aspects of a project.

    Work Request

    Researchers are required to fill out a Work Request and Disclosure Form. The Investigator Disclosure ensures staff safety and the responsible conduct of research in compliance with federal requirements and University guidelines.

    All requests for services will be handled in the order they are received.