Metabolic Core

The Metabolic Core supports investigators involved in the study of energy metabolism, metabolic pathways, and cellular metabolic function in cells from biological fluids, cell cultures and tissues.

Staff-conducted Services 

  • LC/MS/MS (tandem mass spectrometry)
  • Seahorse extracellular flux analyzer
  • Amino Acid Analyzer
  • HPLC with UV(PDA)/fluorescence/electrochemical detectors

Self-conducted Services

  • Spectrofluorometer – fluorescence measurements and time-dependent (kinetic) assays 
  • Spectrophotometer – absorbance measurements and time-dependent (kinetic) assays

Project Consultation

Technical consultation will be required prior to the initial (first) sample submission.


A price list for services is available using the following file link: Price List.

Service Request Form

A service request form is available using the following file link: Service Request Form.  Please save a copy of the completed PDF to your local/network drive, then email the completed Service Request Form to Clint Van't Land (

Acknowledging Core Support

Please acknowledge Core staff where appropriate and consider authorship inclusion when scientific contributions merit. The Rangos Metabolic Core Facility should be acknowledged in all publications, posters and presentations. Please include the following statement in the acknowledgement section: 

This project used the University of Pittsburgh Rangos Metabolic Core [insert Service name/s] service/s.

Please acknowledge individuals for technical assistance with experiments or data analysis if not included as an author of a manuscript, presentation or poster.


LC/MS/MS (tandem mass spectrometry)
AB Sciex® API 4000 triple quadrupole mass spectrometer for small molecule analysis

  • Metabolic profile (concentration) of acylcarnitines and other metabolism pathways
  • Inquire about a new assay for your pathway metabolites

Seahorse Extracellular Flux Assays

Agilent® SeahorseTM XFe96 Analyzer
Measurement of mitochondrial function and/or glycolytic activity via:

  • oxygen consumption rate (OCR)
  • extracellular acidification rate (ECAR)

7 kits available – Mito Stress, Glycolysis Stress, Glycolytic Rate, ATP Rate, Cell Energy Phenotype, Mito Fuel Flex, FAO Substrate

Amino Acid Analyzer
Perkin Elmer® HPLC coupled with a Pickering® post-column reactor (PCX)

  • Assay of 42 amino acids from biological fluids, i.e. plasma (serum) or urine
  • Evaluating a method for cell media

Reverse-Phase HPLC system
Waters® AllianceTM Separations Module with 3 detectors – UV (PDA), fluorescence or electrochemical

  • Analysis of drugs or metabolites
  • Flux studies (substrate vs product)
  • Native protein tryptic mapping (protein-ligand, protein-protein interactions)