Bates Lab Members

Daniel Bushnell

Daniel Bushnell is the Bates lab manager. He has also assisted other lab members with their experiments and has particular expertise in histology, real time PCR and 3D reconstructions of kidneys and lower urinary tracts. 


Sridhar Narla, PhD

Sridhar Narla is a postdoctoral fellow in the Bates lab. His project focuses on the role of Fgfr signaling in the bladder, both during embryogenesis and disease and includes Fgfr actions in bladder urothelium and mesenchyme. 


Caitlin Schaefer

Caitlin Schaefer is a research technician in the Bates lab. Her primary role is in maintaining the mouse colonies within the lab. She also conducts various experiments in support of many projects with the lab.