Ho Lab Members

Andrew Bodnar is the Ho lab manager and supports the experimental activities of the other lab members.  He is also interested in the role of miRNAs in acute kidney injury.  




Yu Leng Phua is a Research Instructor in Pediatrics, originally from Singapore, who earned his PhD while in Australia. His research interest includes explaining the role of miR-17~92 in nephron progenitor biology with respect to kidney disease. He also has a key interest in bioinformatics analysis and is currently integrating smallRNA-Seq, RNA-Seq and ChIP-Seq analysis using Bioconductor packages. 



Débora Malta Cerqueira is a postdoctoral associate focusing on defining how in utero exposure to maternal diabetes affects nephrogenesis and the involvement of miRNAs in this process. She is also focused on investigating the role of the miR-17~92 cluster in podocyte development and glomerulopathies.