Lab Members

Elina Mukherjee
Laboratory Manager

Elina is the lab manager for the Sims-Lucas laboratory. Further to this she manages the mouse colony and performs various histochemical and immunological staining in cell culture and on tissue samples. In addition, she helps to carry out routine experimental activities (i.e. qRT-PCR) of other group members. 

Takuto Chiba
Postdoctoral Fellow

Takuto is a post-doctoral scholar studying mechanisms driving acute kidney injury. Takuto received his graduate training in the lab of Dr. Mark de Caestecker at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee. His major focus is on the role of the renal microvasculature during kidney injury.

Kasey Cargill
Graduate Student

Kasey is a 4th-year graduate student studying the role of VHL mutations in the nephron progenitors. Her project makes use of conditional knockout and cell-based approaches to tease apart the mechanisms of VHL signaling and nephron progenitor differentiation.

Kevin Peasley
Graduate Student

Kevin is a 3rd-year graduate student investigating the role of Sirtuin 5 in the kidney. He has found that mice with deletion of Sirtuin 5 are protected from kidney injury. These mice undergo a switch from mitochondrial to peroxisomal fatty acid oxidation that is protective during injury.