The Division of Neurology and Child Development consists of 27 full-time physician faculty, 15 neurology or neurodevelopmental disability residents, two research PhD faculty members with independent basic science lab programs, 10 nurse practitioners/physician assistants, 15 nurses, 14 EMU nurses, 25 EEG technicians, 6 secretaries, 2 schedulers, a social worker, a psychologist, a LCSW Behavioral Health Specialist, a research nurse, a residency coordinator and a division manager who all take responsibility for the journey we share.  

Our strength comes from a culture of teamwork.  Our values include total commitment to patient care, love of the intellectual community whether learning or teaching, scholarship, and respect for our patients, students, colleagues, and each other.  

Our Mission

  • Provide outstanding clinical care to children with disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system 
  • Perform clinical and basic research that advances the field 
  • Train the next generation of child neurology and neurodevelopmental disability specialists  
  • Serve the community


Our division uses varied methods to explore basic research fields and collaborates on a broad range of clinical interests.

Education and Training

Our division sponsors two residency programs and collaborates with other UPMC and Pitt departments on ACGME-accredited fellowships.

Clinical Operations

The division has a large clinical footprint across Pennsylvania and portions of surrounding states serving over 18,000 outpatients per year.


Contact faculty and staff of the Division of Neurology and Child Development Unit.