Bioinformatics being added to the Cores

The UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh has added a Bioinformatics Core. The new Core supports the bioinformatics analysis needs of investigators with Next-Gen sequencing datasets generated by the Health Sciences Sequencing Core at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, by outside sequencing resources, or by using publically available datasets. 

The Bioinformatics Core offers consultation services providing advice and expertise with experiment design, statistics, and various types of analysis. It offers one on one guidance with the interpretation of data analysis and answers questions pertaining to the meaning of certain types of analysis. Basic data analysis includes QC metrics of raw data, alignment, differential gene expression, peak calling, variant detection, and isoform analysis. Secondary data analysis includes pathway analysis, gene set enrichment analysis, and integration of multiple types of datasets (publically derived with newly generated or RNA-sequencing with ChIP-sequencing). 

The new Bioinformatics Core is under the Division of Health Informatics and is based in the John G. Rangos Sr. Research Center.