Gnotobiotic Animal Core Now Available

Led by Timothy W. Hand, Ph.D., the facility allows investigators to conduct experiments requiring germ-free (lack all culturable micro-organisms, no bacteria, archaebacteria or fungi) and gnotobiotic mice. The facility is certified as BSL2 and breeds and provides C57BL/6, Balb/c, and Rag1-/- on a C57BL6 background. The facilities services include an ability to associate with any mouse consortia (except from BSL3/4), to use BSL2 pathogens, and to treat with drugs, biologics, and adoptive transfer of cells from other mice. The facility can carry out all procedures for investigators or help facilitate an investigator's experiment. 

The Gnotobiotic Animal Core is located at 6023 & 6026 Biomedical Science Tower 3, 3501 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15261. For more information please visit the Gnotobiotic Animal Core page or email