Pitt Pediatrics Faculty Grants and Publications: Winter 2020

UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh exterior from healing garden during sunrise

Pitt Pediatrics congratulates the following faculty on their new grants and publications this winter:


Alejandro Hoberman, MD, vice chair of clinical research and director of the Division of General Academic Pediatrics, received an NIH STTR grant for his proposal entitled "Clinical Development and Evaluation of a Deep Learning Approach to Improve Diagnostic Accuracy Middle Ear Infections for More Judicious Antibiotic Use."

Henjiang (Henry) Dong, PhD received a NIH R01 grant for his project titled "FoxO1 in Gestational Diabetes."

Soyeon Kim, PhD received a NIH K01 award (1K01HL153792-01) titled "Identifying Genetic and Epigenetic Risk Factors Regulating Gene Expression for Childhood Asthma."

Radha Gopal, MD received a NIH R01 award (1R01HL146479-01A1) titled "Immune mechanisms of influenza‐induced exacerbation of atherosclerosis."

Raymond Frizzell, PhD received a grant from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation titled "Regulation of a Cystic Fibrosis Disease Modifier, SLC26A9."

Juan C. Celedón, MD, DrPH and Wei Chen, PhD received a NIH R21 award (1R21HL150431-01A1) titled "Multi-omics Analysis of Childhood Asthma in Hispanics."

Philana Ling Lin, MD, MSc received a NIH R01 award (1R01AI155495-01) titled "Dissecting the pathogenesis of HIV-TB Immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome."

John F. Alcorn, PhD received a NIH R21 award (1R21AI153882-01A1) titled "Mathematical Modeling of Influenza Severity in Outbred Mice."

Elizabeth Miller, MD, PhD, FSAHM received a NIH R01 award supplement (3R01MD013797-02S2) for her project titled "Urgent Revision to Creating Peace: community-level intervention to reduce youth violence."

Todd Lamatina, PhD received a NIH R01 award (R01GM135577-01A1) titled "Regulation of stress-specific protein translation by the O-GlcNaC transferase ogt-1 and 3’ mRNA processing."

Amanda C. Poholek, PhD received a pilot award from the Richard King Mellon Foundation for Pediatric Research titled "Identifying the expression and function of Blimp-1 in allergen-driven ILC2 activation."

Suresh Srinivasan, MD, MBA, FAAP, divsion director of Health Informatics, received a NIH R61/R33 emergency award (1R61HD105610-01) under the Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics (RADx) initiative for a multi-year project entitled "Severity Predictors Integrating Transcriptomics and proteomics of Saliva with Multi neural network Intelligence in SARS-CoV-2 infection in Children (SPITS MISC)."  Research will be conducted in collaboration with Children's Hospital of Michigan, Detroit and Central Michigan University.

Research and Publications

Megan C. McCormick, MD's research titled "A Pilot Study to Evaluate the Feasibility of Anti-Fibrinolytic Agents in Reducing Hemorrhagic Complications in Pediatric Patients with Thrombocytopenia" was selected to be part of the 2021 highlights of the American Society of Hematology as a high-impact abstract.  This research was conducted under the mentorship of Darrell Triluzi, MD, professor of pathology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

A team of Pitt faculty including Mohamed Saleh, MD; Krishna Prasadan, PhD; and George Gittes, MD published findings in The Journal of Clinical Investigation titled "Chemical pancreatectomy treats chronic pancreatitis while preserving endocrine function in preclinical models."  The study included development of a pancreatic ductal influsion tested in mice and non-human primates.

Catherine S. Forster, MD, MS, FAAP published a manuscript entitled "Perspectives from the Society for Pediatric Research: Research Advice to Pediatric Physician-Scientist Trainees in the COVID-19 Era" in Pediatric Research and a second manuscript entitled "Perspectives from the Society for Pediatric Research: Probiotic use in urinary tract infections, atopic dermatitis, and antibiotic-associated diarrhea: an overview." 

Juan C. Celedón, MD, DrPH composed a foreword on addressing health disparities in the American Thoracic Society's recent "Lung Health" campaign distributed through USA TODAY.

Dena Hofkosh, MD, MEd published an article in Pediatrics Perspectives titled "Reducing Trainee Stress by Delaying the Pediatric Fellowship Start Date."

Maya Ragavan, MD, MPH, MS, in collaboration with Rachel P. Berger, MD, MPH and Elizabeth Miller, MD, PhD, FSAHM, published findings in Pediatrics Perspectives titled "Supporting Intimate Partner Violence Survivors and Their Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic."

Kristin N. Ray, MD, MS, FAAP published a manuscript entitled "Rapid-cycle community assessment of health-related social needs of children and families during COVID-19."

Justin Yu, MD and Amy Houtrow, MD, PhD published a manuscript entitled "Most Children with Medical Complexity Do Not Receive Care in Well-Functioning Health Care Systems."

Robert Nicholls, DPhil published research entiled "A porcine model of phenylketonuria generated by CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing" in JCI Insight.

Meghan C. McCormick, MD, MS published a manuscript entitled "Transfusion support: Considerations in pediatric populations."

Maria L. Escolar, MD, MS published a manuscript entitled "Long-Term Neurodevelopmental Outcomes of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation for Late-Infantile Krabbe Disease."

Benjamin G. Miller, MD and Eleanor A. Sharp, MD published "Optimizing Synchronous Online Teaching Sessions: A Guide to the 'New Normal' in Medical Education."

Tony R. Tarchichi, MD and John Szymusiak, MD, MS, FAAP published "Continuing Medical Education in the Time of Social Distancing: The Case for Expanding Podcast Usage for Continuing Education" in the Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions.