Gaurav Arora, MD

  • Associate Professor of Pediatrics
  • Associate Director of Electrophysiology, UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
  • Associate Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs, Ambulatory Care, UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

Arora received his medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine and then completed a combined internal medicine-pediatrics residency at Baylor College of Medicine. Arora completed a 3-year pediatric cardiology fellowship and 1-year pediatric electrophysiology fellowship at Texas Children's Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine.

Professional and Scientific Society Memberships

  • American Academy of Pediatrics, 1997-2006 
  • Pittsburgh EP Society, 2006-2009 
  • Heart Rhythm Society, 2006-Present 
  • Pediatric and Congenital EP Society (PACES), 2006-Present 
  • American Heart Association Fellows Research Day Task Force, 2008-Present 

Education & Training

  • BA, Biology, Rice University, 1993
  • MD, Baylor College of Medicine, 1997
  • Residency in Internal Medicine/Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine, 1997-2001
  • Fellowship in Pediatric Cardiology, Texas Children's Hospital, 2002-2004, 2005-2006
  • Fellowship in Electrophysiology, Texas Children's Hospital, 2004-2005

Selected Publications

Follansbee C, Beerman L, Wu L, Bertolet M, Arora G. Utility and safety of adenosine challenge for subtle ventricular pre-excitation in the pediatric population. J Cardiovasc Electrophysiol 2019 Jul;30(7):1036-1041. 

Hart S, Arora G, Feingold B. Resource utilization at the time of prostacyclin initiation in children in pulmonary arterial hypertension: a multicenter analysis. Pulm Circ 2018 Jan-Mar;8(1):2045893217753357. 

Follansbee C, Beerman L, Arora G. Automated QT analysis on Holter monitors in pediatric patients can differentiate long QT syndrome from controls. PACE 2018 Jan;41(1):50-56. 

Beach C, Follansbee C, Beerman L, Mazzocco S, Wang L, Arora G. Adenosine-sensitive Wolff-Parkinson-White: Longer time across the atrioventricular groove. PACE 2018 Jan;41(1):35-41. 

Lewis J, Arora G, Tudorascu DL, Hickey RW, Saladino RA, Manole MD. Acute Management of Refractory and Unstable Pediatric Supraventricular Tachycardia. J Pediatr. 2017 Feb;181:177-182. 

Beach C, Beerman L, Mazzocco S, Brooks MM, Arora G. Use of Three-Dimensional Mapping in Young Patients Decreases Radiation Exposure Even Without a Goal of Zero Fluoroscopy. Cardiol Young. 2016 Oct;26(7):1297-1302.  

West L, Beerman L, Arora G.  Ventricular Ectopy in Children Without Known Heart Disease.  J Pediatr. 2015 Feb;166(2):338-42.   

Callahan R, Trucco SM, Wearden PD, Beerman LB, Arora G, Kreutzer J.  Outcomes of Pediatric Patients Undergoing Cardiac Catheterization While on Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation.  Pediatr Cardiol 2015 Mar;36(3):625-32. 

Wackel P, West L, Beerman L, Arora G.  Tachycardia Detection Using Smartphone Applications in Pediatric Patients.  J Pediatr 2014 May;164(5):1133-5.

Cain N, Irving C, Webber SA, Beerman LB, Arora G.  Natural History of Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome diagnosed in childhood.  Amer J Cardiol.  2013;112:961-5.

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