Jennifer R. Marin, MD, MSc

  • Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, and Radiology
  • Medical Director, Point-of-Care Ultrasound, UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

Dr. Jennifer Marin is a pediatric emergency physician and Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. She serves as the Medical Director for Point-of-Care Ultrasound at the UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and Director of Emergency Ultrasound for the Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine.  

Dr. Marin completed a pediatrics residency at Northwestern University followed by a pediatric emergency medicine fellowship at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia during which time she also earned a Master’s of Science degree in Clinical Epidemiology.  She subsequently spent an additional year learning point-of-care ultrasound in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. 

One of the pioneers in pediatric point-of-care ultrasound, Dr. Marin has published extensively in the field and lectures and teaches students nationally and internationally. Dr. Marin’s research focuses more widely on emergency diagnostic imaging, including utilization patterns and variations in care delivery. She has over 80 publications, several in high impact journals including JAMA, Radiology, and Pediatrics.

She has served on American College of Radiology Appropriateness Criteria, Pediatric Imaging panels, National Institutes of Health study sections, is an appointed member of the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Pediatric Emergency Medicine, and a Pennsylvania American College of Emergency Physicians board member.

Professional and Scientific Society Memberships

  • American Academy of Pediatrics, Section on Emergency Medicine, 2006-2010, 2013-Present
  • American College of Emergency Physicians, Section on Emergency Ultrasound, 2007-Present

Education & Training

  • BS, Emory University, 1997
  • MD, University of Miami School of Medicine, 2001
  • MSc, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, 2010

Selected Publications

Marin JR, Dean AJ, Bilker WB, Panebianco NL, Brown NJ, Alpern ER. Emergency ultrasound-assisted examination of skin and soft tissue infections in the pediatric emergency department. Acad Emerg Med 2013;20(6):545-553.

Marin JR, Weaver MD, Yealy DM, Mannix RC. Trends in visits for traumatic brain injury to United States’ emergency departments. JAMA 2014;311(18): 1917-1919.

Marin JR, Weaver MD, Barnato AB, Yabes JG, Yealy DM, Roberts MS. Variation in emergency department head computed tomography use for pediatric head trauma. Acad Emerg Med 2014;21(9):987-995.

Marin JR, Wang L, Winger D, Mannix RC. Variation in computed tomography use for pediatric injury-related emergency department visits. J Pediatr 2015;167(4):897-904.

Marin JR, Sengupta D, Bhargavan-Chatfield M, Kanal KM, Mills AM, Applegate KE. Variation in pediatric cervical spine computed tomography radiation dose index in the United States. Acad Emerg Med 2015;22(12):1499-1505.

Horner KB, Jones A, Wang L, Winger DG, Marin JR. Variation in advanced imaging for pediatric patients with abdominal pain discharged from the emergency department. Am J Emerg Med 2016;34(12):2320-2325.

Antonucci MC, Zuckerbraun NS, Murphy M, Tyler-Kabara E, Furtado A, Marin JR. The burden of ionizing radiation studies in children with ventricular shunts. J Pediatrics 2017;182:210-216.

Marin JR, Thomas KE, Mills AM, Broder JS, Boutis K. Practices and Attitudes Towards Radiation Risk Disclosure for Computed Tomography: Survey of Emergency Medicine Residency Program Directors. Emerg Radiol 2017;24:479-486.

Ramgopal S, Karim S, Subramanian S, Furtado A, Marin JR. Rapid brain MRI protocols reduce head CT use in the pediatric emergency department. BMC Pediatr 2020;20(1):14.

Marin JR, Rodean JR, Hall M, Alpern ER, Aronson PL, Chaudhari PP, Cohen E, Freedman SB, Morse RB, Peltz A, Samuels-Kalow M, Shah SS, Simon HK, Neuman MI. Pediatric emergency department advanced imaging 2009-2018. JAMA Pediatr 2020;174(9):e202209.

Marin JR, Rodean JR, Hall M, Alpern ER, Aronson PL, Chaudhari PP, Cohen E, Freedman SB, Morse RB, Peltz A, Samuels-Kalow M, Shah SS, Simon HK, Neuman MI.. Racial and Ethnic Differences in Emergency Department Diagnostic Imaging. JAMA Network Open 2021;4(1):e2033710. at US Children’s Hospitals, 2016-2019

Dr. Marin has >100 publications. «Full Publication List via PubMed»

Academic and Research Interests

Diagnostic imaging in the emergency department, including:

• Computed tomography utilization and practice variation

• Low-value care delivery in emergency medicine

Research Grants

  • NIAID- F32AI080063, Bedside emergency ultrasound for the evaluation of skin and soft tissue infections in the pediatric emergency department, 7/2008-6/2009
  • NHLBI- K12HL109068, Variation in computed tomography for pediatric head trauma, 7/2012-6/2013
  • AHRQ- R13HS023498, Diagnostic imaging in the emergency department: A research agenda to optimize utilization, 7/2014-6/2015
  • NIBIB- 1R13EB019813-01, Emergency diagnostic imaging: A research agenda to optimize utilization, 12/2014-12/2015

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