Kay Lynn Fiske, BS

  • Research Technician

Kay Fiske joined the Department of Pediatrics in November 2019 in the lab of Dr. Terence Dermody. Kay is a Research Technician who supports the lab in various ways. One of her current focuses is on host and viral factors of Reovirus induced Celiac Disease. Prior to the University of Pittsburgh, Kay did undergraduate research in biomechanics studying bipedal motion as well as cadaveric studies investigating anatomical and physiological influences on dexterity between Primate species. She earned a BS in biochemistry from Chatham University in August of 2019. Kay is preparing to apply for medical school within the next few years.

Education & Training

  • BS, Chatham University, 2019

Selected Publications

2019 Fiske, K; Rabey, KN; Williams-Hatala, EM. “Examining the Muscle Architecture of Hand Muscles in Six Non-Human Primates.” Presented at the Chatham University Department of Science Research Day. Pittsburgh, Pa; April 19, 2019. 

2019 Williams-Hatala, EM; Hatala, KG; Collyer, M; Megherhi, S; Fiske, K; Ciroli, O; Rabey, KN. “A photogrametric method for quantifying entheseal shape and rugosity.” American Association of Physical Anthropologists, Cleveland, OH.