Keith W. McIntire

  • INFORM Coordinator

As the Coordinator of INFORM Network, Keith is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the Pittsburgh-based FAOD program including overseeing fundraising, marketing, and the development and maintenance of the INFORM and Virtual Tissue Bank websites. Keith has more than 30 years of corporate communications, marketing, fundraising, and business administration experience. After graduating, he operated his own design studio for several years that focused on healthcare and industrial illustration and advertising until he was asked by the Sisters of Charity to become the Art Director of the Public Relations Department of Seton Hill University. He then went on to become the Production Coordinator at Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh, where he developed and introduced the first computer-based cost management system. Keith’s work gained national attention as an internet, data, and voice company focused on communications delivery to customers in 27 states and 70 markets on a dedicated end to end fiber optic network. Keith also worked for the Bayer Corporation, where he was a Travel, Gifts, and Expense (TG&E) Administrator, educating and assisting more than 12,000 employees nationwide on database management and a web-based help site. He also held positions in the company’s corporate communications department, assisting in the Bayer 150-Year Celebration, and corporate controlling department on the remediation of a nationwide corporate audit for TG&E. Keith has been an active member of the American Heart Association, where he has held volunteer leadership positions in the Greensburg and Pittsburgh chapters and was a board member for the Pittsburgh chapter. A major accomplishment in Keith’s career has been assisting cardiologist William Neches, MD as a Co-founder of the UPMC/Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, as well as Dr. Bill Neches Heart Camp for Kids, one of the first camping programs nationally to offer a sleepover summer camping experience for children with congenital and/or acquired heart disease. He is currently the Director of what has become a model camp nationally. Keith has a degree in Graphic Design with a focus on advertising.