Kun He, Ph.D.

  • Postdoc

I joined the Poholek lab in 2018 after my PhD study at Shanghai Jiaotong University where I studied tumor immunology. CD4 T cells play critical roles in mediating adaptive immunity, autoimmunity as well as in tumor immunity. CD4 T cells can polarize into different cell subsets in the context of the unique microenvironment to mediate immune protection and maintain immune homeostasis. Cytokines and transcription factors can drive CD4 T cell reprogramming. Currently, I am focusing on 1) defining the formation of a new special RORgt+Treg in Blimp-1 cKO mice in asthma disease; 2) defining the role of RORgt+Treg subset to pathology of asthma; 3) analysis of role of RORgt+Treg with focus on regulation of Th2 subset.



Education & Training

  • PhD, Shanghai Jiaotong University 2018