Matthew A. Henkel, MS

  • Research Technician

Matthew Henkel received his BS in biology from Duquesne University in 2005. Matthew received his MS in biology from Duquesne University in 2009.   

Education & Training

  • BS, Duquesne University, 2005
  • MS, Duquesne University, 2009

Selected Publications

Elliott SE, Kongpachith S, Lingampalli N, Adamska JZ, Cannon BJ, Blum LK, Bloom MS, Henkel M, McGeachy MJ, Moreland LW, Robinson WH.  B cells in rheumatoid arthritis synovial tissues encode focused antibody repertoires that include antibodies that stimulate macrophage TNF-α production.  Clin Immunol. 2020 Feb 5;212:108360. 

Henkel M, Partyka J, Gregory AD, Forno E, Cho MH, Eddens T, Tout AR, Salamacha N, Horne W, Rao KS, Wu Y, Alcorn JF, Kostka D, Hirsch R, Celedón JC, Shapiro SD, Kolls JK, Campfield BT.  Follistatin-like 1 Attenuation Causes Spontaneous Smoke-Resistant Pulmonary Emphysema.  Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2019 Dec 13. 

Revu S, Wu J, Henkel M, Rittenhouse N, Menk A, Delgoffe GM, Poholek AC, McGeachy MJ.  IL-23 and IL-1β Drive Human Th17 Cell Differentiation and Metabolic Reprogramming in Absence of CD28 Costimulation.  Cell Rep. 2018 Mar 6;22(10):2642-2653. 

Campfield BT, Eddens T, Henkel M, Majewski M, Horne W, Chaly Y, Gaffen SL, Hirsch R, Kolls JK.  Follistatin-like protein 1 modulates IL-17 signaling via IL-17RC regulation in stromal cells.  Immunol Cell Biol. 2017 Sep;95(8):656-665.   

Singh D, Henkel M, Sendon B, Feng J, Fabio A, Metes D, Moreland LW, McGeachy MJ.  Analysis of CXCR5+Th17 cells in relation to disease activity and TNF inhibitor therapy in Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Sci Rep. 2016 Dec 22; 6:39474.

Du F, Garg AV, Kosar K, Majumder S, Kugler DG, Mir GH, Maggio M, Henkel M, Lacy-Hulbert A, McGeachy MJ.  Inflammatory Th17 Cells Express Integrin αvβ3 for Pathogenic Function.  Cell Rep. 2016 Aug 2;16(5):1339-1351. 

Adamik J, Henkel M, Ray A, Auron PE, Duerr R, Barrie A.  The IL17A and IL17F loci have divergent histone modifications and are differentially regulated by prostaglandin E2 in Th17 cells.  Cytokine. 2013 Oct;64(1):404-12. 

Barrie A, Khare A, Henkel M, Zhang Y, Barmada MM, Duerr R, Ray A.  Prostaglandin E2 and IL-23 plus IL-1β differentially regulate the Th1/Th17 immune response of human CD161(+) CD4(+) memory T cells. Clin Transl Sci. 2011 Aug;4(4):268-73. 

Qutyan M*, Henkel M*, Horzempa J, Quinn M, Castric P.  Glycosylation of pilin and nonpilin protein constructs by Pseudomonas aeruginosa 1244.  J Bacteriol. 2010 Nov;192(22):5972-81. *Shared first authorship Bishop AC, Surlow BA, Anand P, Hofer K, Henkel M, Patton-Vogt J.  Neurofibromin homologs Ira1 and Ira2 affect glycerophosphoinositol production and transport in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.  Eukaryot Cell. 2009 Nov;8(11):1808-11.