Patrick J. McKiernan, M.D.

  • Director, Pediatric Hepatology Program
  • Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and, Nutrition

Patrick J. McKiernan, MD, is a pediatric heptalogist who moved to Pittsburgh from Birmingham, England to join the liver diseases team at  Children'ts Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC in April of 2016. He oversees the care of patients with metabolic liver diseases as the director of the Pediatric Hepatology Program and as part of the Center of Rare Disease Therapy.  

Research Interest Summary

Pediatric Liver Diseases

Research Interests

Dr. McKiernan's research philosophy aims to provide evidence to underpin clinical practice in pediatric liver diseas.  His reasearch interests cover the spectrum of pediatric liver disease but have fallen into 3 main areas:

  • Liver Transplantation
  • Metabolic Liver Disease
  • Portal Hypertension

Current research interests include the diagnosis of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, mitochondrial liver disease, the role of gene therapy in Crigler-Najjar syndrome, the natural history of Crigler-Najjar syndrome an dth epotential of cell transplantation in inhertited metabolic disease.