Services We Provide

The Pitt Pediatrics Communications Team provides the following services for our faculty, staff, and affiliates:

  • Management of content on the Pitt Pediatrics website
  • Design and publication of Pitt Pediatrics annual reports
  • Publication of news, accomplishments, and "wins" from Pitt Pediatrics personnel
  • Publication of the "Pitt Pediatrics Press" monthly email newsletter
  • Creation and distribution of department-wide announcements
  • Management of our Twitter and Instagram accounts
  • Support and guidance on use of University of Pittsburgh logo and brand materials

Services We Do Not Provide

We do not perform intensive graphic design work, provide photography or videography services, or maintain any UPMC-owned website or service.  

For photography or videography services, Pitt's Office of University Communications and Marketing provides a list of approved contractors. To edit a UPMC-owned website, visit the UPMC Digital Marketing Service Center.

Contact Us

To obtain help from the Pitt Pediatrics Communications Team, contact the Pitt 24/7 IT Help Desk.