Data Analysis Services

We offer free training for data analysis as well as data analysis for a fee.    

Application Software Analysis
Structural Imaging Horos Morpholoy
Strucutral Imaging ITK-SNAP Volumetric analysis
Spectroscopy LCM Metabolite quantification
Diffusion tensor imaging DSI Studio FA, ADC, AD, RD
Diffusion tensor imaging Custom codes Network analysis
DSC, DCE Perfusion Custom codes Time to peak, flow
ASL Perfusion ParaVision Quantitative perfusion map
fMRI Custom codes Functional network
Cardiac ParaVision EF, SV, FS, LS, wall mass, etc.
Cardiac Circles Cvi Strain, rotation, torsion
Cardiac VIRTURE Tagging analysis
Cardiac Custom codes ECV for quantifying fibrosis
Angiography ParaVision Blood flow velocity, valvic functions
T1, T, T2, T2* Mapping ParaVision T1, T, T2, T2* Mapping
UTE Custom codes T1, T, T2, T2* Mapping
CT IRW HU quantification
SPECT/CT IRW, Vivo Quant Co-registration and SUV
PET/CT IRW, Vivo Quant Co-registration and SUV

Customized Services

Depending on the projects, we custom-build specialized sample holders and animal beds to facilitate different animal model systems.  We also construct customized computer codes for specialized data analysis if no commercial software available.