Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy (MRI/MRS)

Our Bruker BioSpec 70/30 USR Superconducting Magnet System has field strength 7-Tesla, equipped with 2 gradient systems, B-GA 12 S2 and B-GA 20S.  The gradient systems have 200 mT/m amplitude, and slew rate 800 T/m/sec. It is equipped with high-power shim supplies which allow 6 channels and 2nd degree shims. There are two independent transmit channels which allow frequency ranging from 5 to 400 MHz as well as 4 receiver channels which allow parallel imaging and GRAPPA acceleration. The system has 1H and 19F multi-nuclear capability. Our system is equipped with several coils, including a large 154-mm quadrature transceiver coil for large animals, two 112/72-mm birdcage coils, 35mm-quadrature coil, and two 4-channel array coils for mouse and rat brains as well as three linear receiving coils which are 1cm, 2cm, and 3 cm in diameter. The MRI system is equipped with HP Z420 linux workstation as the console and AVIII electronic systems.  Respiration was monitored using a pneumatic sensor placed between the animal bed and the mouse’s abdomen while rectal temperature was measured with a fiber optic sensor and maintained with feedback-controlled warm air source (SA Instruments, Stony Brook, NY, USA).  

Available Applications and Pulse Sequences

Application Synopsis Pulse Sequences
Structural Imaging Acquire T1 or Tweighted structural images RARE, TSE, TFL, GRE, SE, HASTE, MPRAGE, FLAIR
Spectroscopy Localized 1H MRS for metabolite profiling STEAM, SVS (PRESS)
Diffusion tensor imaging Tractography, molecular self-diffusion EPI_DIFF, SE_DIFF
DSC, DCE Perfusion Exogenous Gd contrast studies FL3D_CE, FLASH, Intragate
ASL Perfusion Quantitative blood flow mapping with endogeneous arterial spin labeling SE_ASL, EPI_PASL, EPI_pCASL
Cardiac Fast imaging (GE or SE) with ECG and respiration gating for motion compensation FLASH, RARE
Cardiac Cardiac cine imaging Intragate
Cardiac Tagging SPAMM, cSPAMM, or DANTE
Angiography Visualize blood vessels, velocimetry VENC_PC, FL_PC, FL_TOF,  TRUFI, FL_FQ, TWIST
T1, T, T2, T2* Mapping Multiple GE or SE (2D or 3D) imaging MSME, SE_VTR, IR_TSE, SE_MC, GRE_MC, T1ρ_FISP
Ultra-short T2 for structural, proton density, T2, T2* mapping Ultra-fast imaging UTE, ZTE