Optical Imaging Systems

In Vivo Imaging System (IVIS) enables bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging in live animals, facilitating noninvasive longitudinal monitoring of disease progression, cell trafficking, tumor growth, and gene expression patterns in living animals. High efficiency filters and spectral unmixing algorithms take full advantage of bioluminescent and fluorescent reporters across wide wavelength regions, allowing wide ranges of reporter and cell types.

Two IVIS systems are available:  Xenogen IVIS Lumina 50 and Perkin-Elmer Lumina IVIS S5 systems.  The Lumina S5 employs more robust emission/excitation filters with 26 excitation filters tunable to image from green to near-infrared and 7 emission filters covering 400-900 nm range. S5 has newly designed imaging fast-loading trays for imaging 5 animals at a time.  S5 allows true large field of view for 10X10, 15X15, 20X20 cm with 13.5-micometer pixel sizes.  S5 has fluorescence unmixing built into the imaging chamber.