Our multi-modal Siemens Inveon system is capable of doing micro-CT, SPECT, and PET in an integrated system.   

Our micro-CT is equipped with 125mm X-ray spectral detector which allows 3072 X 2048 pixels.  The X-ray source has maximum power with 80W, and maximum anode current 500µA. The system is capable for cardiac and respiration gating, as well as Hounsfield unit (HU) calibration.  The 3D isotropic resolution is up to 11.6 µm.   The multimodal SPECT system has 2 detector heads with 4624 crystal elements per detector head.  The crystal element size is 2mm X 2mm X 10mm. 

Our micro-SPECT system is equipped with 4 single-pinhole collimators (0.5mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm, and 3.0mm) as well as a mouse whole body multi-pinhole collimator and a parallel hole LEAP collimator. Our micro-PET scanner is equipped with LSO detector with 1.6x1.6mm detector pixel spacing and high efficiency light guide, 20x20 crystal array.  Several 2D and 3D reconstruction protocols are available, such as Kempfeld, MAP, OSEM, and FBP.   The system is equipped with Inveon IAW and IRW software for acquisition and post-processing.