Philips HD11 XE Ultrasound System

Clinical grade ultrasound system for larger animals. The HD11 XE is a complete, digital imaging system that delivers high-definition imaging and ease-of-use in a compact, ergonomic and reliable package for full cardio, vascular, color Doppler and stress capability. 

  • The stress echo option is fully integrated into the user interface for the rapid acquisition and display of high-resolution images, with plenty of flexibility.
  • Anatomical M-mode, for more accurate measurements of chambers, walls and ejection fraction; makes it easier to keep the M-mode line perpendicular to the anatomy, even in abnormally shaped or positioned hearts.
  • Several color Doppler imaging modes, including color tissue Doppler imaging (TDI) to assess direction and timing of myocardial function; continuous wave (CW) and pulsed wave (PW) Doppler for velocity mapping of vessel wall motion and cardiac tissue; as well as color power angio imaging (CPA) and directional CPA.  

Available Transducers

Curved Array

Name Model Applications Biopsy Capable Connector Style
C5-2 21426A Abdominal, OB/GYN Yes Cartridge

Sector Array

Name Model Applications Biopsy Capable Connector Style
S3-1 21711A Cardiac, TCD, abdominal No Explors

Linear Array

Name Model Applications Biopsy Capable Connector Style
L9-3 989605353301 Vascular, small parts, abdominal, pediatric hips, musculoskeletal Yes Explora
L12-5 8500-1660-01 Vascular, small parts, pediatric hips, abdominal Yes Explora

Visual Sonics Vevo 770 Ultrasound System

High-resolution ultrasound system for small animals for full cardio, M-mode, B-mode, and contrast mode for tracking and bursting microbubbles. The Vevo Imaging Station is an integrated rail system which is a bench mounted adjustable rail system custom designed for small animal handling, positioning and imaging optimization.  The built-in sensor on the station records the animal ECG whereas the heated platform maintains the animal’s body temperature. The ultrasound holder allows steady and reproducible positioning for the ultrasound probe for better imaging. It allows for quick set-up, alignment and adjustment of the ultrasound probe, anesthetized mouse/rat and if required the injection system (for image-guided injection applications). The heated table allows the researcher to secure the mouse/rat quickly and ensure optimal comfort and maintenance of physiological parameters for the duration of the imaging session. Furthermore, key physiological parameters are captured from the rail system including temperature, respiration, ECG and heart rate. All these are integrated with the images and data captured in real-time in the Vevo application. In addition, the system allows hands-free 3D-mode imaging.   

Available Transducers

Scan Head Frequency PN S/N Regular Application
RMV704 20-60 MHz 11063 704-236 Mouse vascular, abdominal, superficial embryonic imaging;  small mouse cardiac
RMV707B 15-45 MHz 11459 707B-250 Mouse cardiac
RMV710B 12-38 MHz 11460 710B-107 Rat cardiac
RMV711 22-83 MHz 11161 711-009 Guided injection near (superficial)

Ultrasound-guided Microinjection

The micro-injection system is the automated image-guided precision micro-injection system provides a simple and efficient method for injections or extraction procedures. The Vevo system allows for ultrasound-image-guided microinjection. With ultrasound imaging, molecular agents, such as recombinant DNA vectors, can be precisely injected into live mouse embryos or adult organs to allow molecular manipulation of the model system.