Biospecimen Core

The UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh-University of Pittsburgh Biospecimen Core Satellite (CHP Biospecimen Core) supports the mission to enhance resources to build team-based scientific research, promote innovation, and enhance the development of personalized medicine for all of our pediatric patients. 

We are excited to announce that construction is complete on the physical structure of this core facility! We are currently awaiting our grand opening to the scientific and clinical community in western Pennsylvania which has been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  


We would like to thank our donors and funding sources for their generous donations to the CHP Biospecimen Core so that we can support our researchers at UPMC Children’s: 

  • The Beck Family 
  • Cure Rock
  • The Pittsburgh Sarcoma Research Collaborative (@PittSaRC) Chancellor's Pitt SEED award 

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