Requirements & Scheduling

Scheduling of consultation

Consultations can be scheduled within 3 business days, and any core involvement in preparation of the grant application requires prior notification at least 3 weeks prior to the submission deadline. The required computational services will be discussed during the initial consultation, and the time required for the service will be estimated. The core operates on a first-come first-serve basis, but preference is given to CHP researchers over external users. 

Fee structure

The core facility operates on a cost-recovery model. Projects will be billed either on a project basis (Small, Medium, and Large) or by dedicating a percent effort of a core member depending on the type of analysis to be done. The investigator will be billed for the agreed-upon services on a monthly basis.

Free support is provided for developing and submitting new research grants, provided a member of the Bioinfromatics Core is included as a co-investigator, typically with 5-10 percent support (depending on the complexity of the project) for an R-01 grant with a substantial data management and analysis component.

Data submission guidelines

All work requests require completion of the Data_Submission_Form

Data acquisition, transfer, and storage

Most large-scale data analysis needs to be performed on CRC, and PSC cluster at the University of Pittsburgh. The researchers will be responsible for storage of their own data.