Cell Imaging Core Laboratory

The Cell Imaging Core I Laboratory based at John G. Rangos Sr. Research Center, Room 5148 (Rangos Cell Imaging Core I) is a research resource to support the needs of Investigators for image-based analysis, laser capture microdissection, and live cell fluorescence imaging.


The Rangos Cell Imaging Core I provides the following services:

  1. Consultation for design and implementation of image based-projects as part of Investigator-initiated research grants or inter-/intra-institutional program grants
  2. Analytical imaging/confocal microscopy (performed by Rangos Cell Imaging Core I Staff or Individual users)
  3. Laser capture microdissection (performed by Rangos Cell Imaging Core I Staff or Individual users)
  4. Live cell imaging (performed by Rangos Cell Imaging Core I Staff or Individual users)
  5. Off-line analysis of imaging data and Figure preparation (f) Sample preparation for optimal fluorescence imaging


 LSM 710 Confocal

The Zeiss LSM 710 Confocal is an inverted laser scanning confocal microscope. This scope is equipped with an environmental control chamber, motorized stage and software for time-lapse imaging of living cells. The scope has four lasers (Blue/405, Green/488, Cy3/594, and Cy5/647). The objectives on this scope are 10x, and 20x dry objectives and 40x and 63x oil

UltraView Confocal

The UltraView Confocal imaging system from Perkin Elmer is ideal for live cell imaging. The spinning disk allows collection of pixels of images simultaneously, rather than at a single point at a time enabling high-speed imaging of live specimens.  It is equipped with an advanced Yokogawa® CSU-X1 spinning disk scanner, and a piezo-electric focusing mechanism.  This spinning disk arrangement can achieve scan rates up to 100 frames per second on bright specimens.


  • High-speed confocal live cell imaging, 2D or interactive 3D, and multipositional imaging.
  • The included Volocity software allows for a complete 3D image acquisition and analysis experience.
  • Movies or images can be acquired, analyzed, created for publication, all within one software environment.
  • Measurements and analysis including 2D and 3D morphological measurements, fluorescence localization and colocalization, FRET, tracking and charting, trend analysis.


The VivaView is a fully integrated and motorized inverted microscope that allows high quality, long-term time-lapse imaging in a constant and optimized environment. Multiple locations in up to 8 samples can be imaged simultaneously with fluorescence or Differential Interference Contrast. Simple, intuitive computer operation for configuring a live cell imaging system. The VivaView will provide the ability to image cells for significantly longer than has previously been possible with absolute control of the surrounding environment.


  • Apoptosis
  • Drug Screening
  • Tracking Cell migration
  • Cell Division

Laser Microdissection

Olympus MMI CellCut laser microdissection (LMD) system is designed for the quick and precise isolation of cells and tissue and so it is an essential tool for molecular pathology. A wide variety of sample types including fresh frozen, paraffin embedded and live cells can all be used for diagnostic purposes.

The MMI CellCut enables cell selection quickly and easily directly on the touchscreen. The cells of interest are marked and cut automatically using a precisely focused UV-Laser. The micro-dissected samples are collected for downstream analysis. This results in a pure cell population for reliable analysis and diagnosis.