Requirements & Scheduling

Fee structure

  • Project Consultation: To be determined by mutual agreement. 
  • Rates for all other services are available by email or by telephone, 412- 692-9223.

Scheduling of cell imaging services

Services are provided on a first-come-first-served basis.

ALL users with ALL work requests completed may reserve blocks of time for imaging. Cell Imaging Core I Staff-assisted services are available from 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Reservation requests for imaging by an individual trained users outside of regular business hours may be accommodated depending on the availability of Cell Imaging Core I Staff.

For CHP and UPMC Investigators and their personnel, reservations may be made electronically through the UPMC network. The Reservation Form is accessible via Intranet or Internet.

For internal access, please use:

For Investigators without access to the UPMC network, reservations may be made by email or by telephone, 412-692-9223.

Reservations may be modified at any time, provided that the desired new time slot is available. On the day of experimentation, users may view the online reservation calendar to check on a potentially available time slot. Users must contact the Core Staff by email or by phone (412-692- 9223) to confirm the actual schedule for that day. The Core Staff may use any unfilled time for completion of imaging work requests with samples already at hand in the facility, or for instrument maintenance.

A reservation may be canceled on the day reserved for use by calling Cell Imaging Core I Staff (412-692- 9223). Canceled reservations may not be charged. But habitual no-shows are discouraged and could incur a service charge for the unused reserved time.

Assurance of access and use of the facility

The Rangos Cell Imaging Core I has a Statement of Trust and Assurance. Users may request a copy from the Core Staff.

Assurance is made for the availability of instruments at all times.

Users/Investigators will be duly informed about the temporary unavailability of instruments, such as scheduled maintenance.

Scheduling of consultation, and personnel training

Requests may be made by directly contacting the Director or the Rangos Cell Imaging Core I staff either by email or by telephone.

Training of research personnel for self-operation of a confocal microscope

The Rangos Cell Imaging Core I recommends training of self-operators only if the projected time for self-use of the confocal microscope be more than 8 hours a week. Confocal instruments have hardware and software. Maintenance of the instruments is facilitated by self-operators, as they become experts through regular use of the instruments.

Individual Investigators may request training of specific research personnel to gain a “self-operator” status. Training requests may be made by email.

User/Work requests and sample preparation

ALL work requests, either self-operated or Cell Imaging Core I Staff-assisted, REQUIRE completion of a Work Request and Disclosure Form.

The Rangos Cell Imaging Core I is a multi-user facility. Investigator Disclosure is a means to ensure occupational safety for all users and to comply with Federal and University guidelines on the responsible conduct of research.

Investigators assume responsibility for IRB / IACUC compliance. The Rangos Cell Imaging Core I neither keeps nor monitors IRB / IACUC protocols.

Samples for image analysis may either be fixed or alive; but disclosure is required for safety and for special handling, as may be appropriate.

Sample preparation is the responsibility of users.

Data acquisition, transfer, and storage

Experimental controls are the responsibility of users.

The Rangos Cell Imaging Core I recommends that controls include secondary antibody alone, primary antibody alone and irrelevant antibody be used.

Assurance of quality of acquired data pertains only to Cell Imaging Core I Staff-assisted work requests. Users must specify special handling and/or processing procedures in the work request form.

For all Investigators, electronic storage media such as a flash card MUST be provided at the time of the work request or at the time of self-operation.

Investigators assume responsibility for backing up and for storage of electronic data.

The Rangos Cell Imaging Core I does NOT monitor data storage.

Self-user responsibility

Prospective self-users MUST undergo training for the use, care, and maintenance of instruments. Access to the facility instruments (Olympus Confocal and Laser Capture scopes only) is granted only upon successful completion of training by the activation of CHP/UPMC-issued badges.

Actual time of usage must be reported after each use.

Aberrations, shutdowns, and any untoward incident pertaining to the use of instruments must be reported immediately to Rangos Cell Imaging Core I staff.

Cleanliness and order of work areas is a collective responsibility of all self-users.

Microscope stages MUST be cleaned after each self-operation. Lenses must be free of any oil. Users must only use the oils present in the Cell Imaging Core I suite. No oil mixing is permitted.

Self-users MUST adhere to the reserved time for use. Late start- and end-time is discouraged. Extension of use time is allowed only if schedule permits.

In case of a personal emergency requiring immediate medical attention, users must call CHP security immediately at 692-5191. Users are responsible for copying their files immediately after image acquisition.

The hard drives in the image facility will be erased regularly and without warning.