Flow Cytometry Core


The Flow Cytometry Core’s mission is to provide the best, congenial, and individualized cytometry services to facilitate productivity and success of investigators based in the Rangos Research Center, researchers in other units of the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC, as well as clients in other academic institutions in the Pittsburgh area.


  • Staff-assisted analysis and cell sorting
  • Training for self-users of the cell sorters
  • Training for FlowJo software
  • Off-line data analysis
  • Design/troubleshooting of cytometry protocols
  • “Super-users”- training for users of the cell sorters and granted access during off-hours

A consultation is required for all first-time users.

Courtesy service requiring IMS authorization (UPMC network): Electronic transfer of cytometry to PI through the PI-only access subdirectory.

All users must comply with BSL2+ biosafety regulations.

BSL2+ Facility

The Rangos Research Center Flow Cytometry Core is a certified BSL2+ facility. Analysis and/or sorting of BSL2+ specimens require PI’s (users) to submit HRPO (IRB)/IACUC/IBC approval information. Users MUST notify and schedule instrument time well-ahead in advance.

BSL3/4 specimens and “Select Agents” are NOT accepted in the facility.

Specimens exposed to “Excluded Agents” may be accepted, but requires prior arrangement and HRPO/IACUC/IBC approval.

Important biosafety information